I met Jimmy Brod while attending my BBQ judging class for the Florida BBQ Association (FBA), where Jimmy happens to be the vice president. It was here that I realized what a class act his BBQ team is. It is from Jimmy that I really learned first hand what to look for as a BBQ judge and ever since, I realize what hard work it is to be on a first-class BBQ team.

Jimmy displays his MANY competition trophies and his trusty Big Green Egg

There is no rest for the weary, y’all, when you do competition BBQ. There is all night smoker tending and getting up at the wee hours of the morning to pull ribs out at just the right time.

Well, Jimmy’s hard work is paying off. His “Everglades Seasoning Team” has been invited to compete in two of BBQ’s most prestigious competitions: The American Royal Invitational in Kansas City and The Jack Daniels World Championship.

Jimmy began competing as Smokin’ Cracker BBQ Team in 2004 and and has won over a dozen Grand Championships in that time. In addition to recently being named the pit master of Everglades Seasoning Barbeque Team, Jimmy Brod also teaches and promotes barbeque as America’s cuisine all over the Southeast.

Well not only is Jimmy a class act, but he’s generous to share his knowledge, too. During the class, we got to talking and he was kind enough to share his delicious recipe for Prosciutto, Spinach and Provolone Stuffed Pork Loin. I’ve shared it below, and added some notes of my own where needed.

Good luck to Jimmy and his Everglades Seasoning Team at the Royals and the Jack! This Florida girl is cheering for ya!! May Florida represent! Woohoo!!

And, if you are looking for some other great pork inspiration, I recommend checking out some of my other super popular pork recipes for your repertoire!

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Prosciutto, Spinach and Provolone Stuffed Pork Loin

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  • Author: Robyn (GrillGirl)


Now we can all have  a little piece of Jimmy and his cooking with his recipe for Prosciutto, Spinach and Provolone Stuffed Pork Loin. While I am “grill girl,” I do appreciate the “low and slow” of BBQ and occasionally test my ADD out with BBQ recipes cooked on indirect heat for a long time. My recommendation for a good “low and slow” BBQ recipe is plenty of beer, good friends and a little patience.


  • http://www.thermoworks.com/products/thermapen/?tw=GRILLGRRRLOne entire pork loin
  • Garlic salt (enough for an entire pork loin, at least 1 tbsp)
  • Prosciutto ham (enough to cover the amount; I would guesstimate and say at least 8 to 12 pieces)
  • Smoked provolone (amount, see above)
  • Fresh spinach (one bag)
  • Italian seasoning (enough to cover the inside)
  • Any good BBQ Rub — I recommend Everglades Seasoning
  • Olive oil


1. Prepare a grill for indirect heat (for newer grillers, this means one burner on, others off to create an “oven” effect).

2. Prepare the pork loin by cutting it in halve to fit on the grill. Then, split it in half lengthwise so that you have room to stuff it with the “stuffed ingredients.”

3. Rub the loin with olive oil. Then, in the inside, add garlic salt, prosciutto and smoked provolone. Next, add the spinach and the Italian seasoning.

4. Put the loin back together and tie with butcher's twine. Rub the outside of the tenderloin with olive oil and then apply any the BBQ rub.

5. Cook for about 2 hours on indirect heat for about 275 to 300 degrees until the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees. Cooking time will vary as all pork loins will vary in size so check your internal temp! Use an internal read thermometer to ensure you don't overcook. I recommend the Thermapen (affiliate link0.



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