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Grilled Red Pepper Pimento Cheese

If you’re a Southerner, You know Pimento Cheese, it is a tailgating and happy hour staple. But have you ever thought about elevating Pimento Cheese, aka, “The Caviar of the South” with smoke flavor from the grill? In this recipe, I grill red mini peppers to add some smokiness to Pimento Cheese, amping up the flavor of this iconic Southern staple. If you want to add a bit of spice, grill a jalapeno and add that too! 

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How to Grill Picanha or Coulotte Steak

Picanha, or Coulotte Steak, is an amazing cut of beef that is a great alternative to ribeye or New York Strip Steak, and makes for a flavorful and tender cut for grilling. This picanha recipe gives an overview on how to cut and grill a picanha steak, which is also know as rump cap or top sirloin. `

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