Women’s Grilling Clinics

We always have a great time at my Women’s Grilling Clinics! Bring Your wine and Let’s Grill!

I’ve been hosting Women’s Grilling Clinics since back in 2009, when I realized that there was definitely a need in the market and why were all the guys getting to have all the fun on the grill!?? I’m happy to have helped blaze a trail for more women to get behind the grill and continue to try to teach and inspire more women to learn how fun it is to grill! Because of this, I’m taking my Women’s Grilling Clinics online to do virtual classes and coaching sessions. I’m currently putting the coursework to start these classes at the height of grilling season in May. If you are looking to learn to grill and join a community of other women grillers, please send me an email so I can add you to the sign up list! These classes will include instructional grilling together via video conferencing, coaching sessions and check in calls, and recipes and meal plans to get you started, as well as the opportunity to network with other women who are also learning to grill!

Please send an email to robyn@grillgirl.com with the subject line “Women’s Grilling Clinic” and I will add you to the list and follow up with more information! I look forward to helping you on your grilling journey!!!