Women’s Grilling Clinics


I started teaching “Women’s Grilling Clinics” in 2010 as a way to encourage women to not be intimated by the grill. A little known secret about grilling is that it is a quick and easy way to get dinner on the table while being healthy, kid friendly, and without producing a lot of dishes! That is why women who learn to grill end up LOVING it!

My women’s grilling clinics are a great way to meet other women who are interested in learning how to grill in a relaxed atmosphere with lots of laughter and wine involved. You can be as involved as you like- I set up multiple grills so you can learn on your preferred method- gas or charcoal.

I host women’s grilling clinics on a quarterly basis in my backyard where I have 9 grills to practice on. This is a great event to do with your girlfriends as you get to cook, drink wine and learn new recipes. For frequent updates, please follow me on twitter or my facebook fan page.

Class Details: “Grilling Basics with a Gourmet Touch”

  • How to light a Gas and Charcoal Grill
  • Easy rubs and marinades
  • Direct vs. indirect heat
  • Using a Meat Thermometer to avoid overcooking meat
  • “Meal on the Grill” – we’ll cook an entire course including appetizer, main dish, vegetable and dessert on the grill

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I plan on hosting a women’s grilling clinic this fall once the pool install in my backyard is complete. In addition, if you would like to host a clinic with a group of friends at your house that is an option as well. Please email robyn.medlin@gmail.com for more info and we can discuss.

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