Clockwise from top left: The Big Green Egg, the Weber Smokey Mountain, The Weber Genesis and The Weber Performer.

As Grill Girl, I’ve accumulated a nice grill line up. We had to build a big shed in order to keep them all safe and sound! Here’s a bio of my grilling companions….

My Weber Genesis was the grill that really started my love for grilling. While I had grown up with a grill in the house and had grilled with “previous administrations”, it wasn’t until I bought this grill for Scott’s birthday when we first started dating that I really became addicted. Scott’s old grill almost singed my eyebrows off, and that is how this beauty came to be. I use this grill occasionally when I need the convenience of a gas grill, but my charcoal grills (the Weber Performer and Big Green Egg) get the most use.

My Weber Performer With Gas Starter was the second grill I put into the line up. It is a charcoal griller that has a propane starter which is extremely convenient. I recommend anyone thinking of getting a charcoal grill to consider the performer. The propane starter gets your fire started in a snap and eliminates the need to use a chimney starter. I use Cast Iron Grill Grates from Crayycort and highly recommend them. Their sectioned quadrants in the grilling area make moving coals around very easy for direct/indirect grilling. The sections allow the use of inserts such as a wok and griddle so you can use your grill for just about anything. I use this grill most often, along with my Big Green Egg.

As the daughter of an Egg Head, I knew it was only a matter of time before I got my own. My largeBig Green Egg is awesome for both grilling and smoking. The appeal of a Big Green Egg is that it is a ceramic, kamodo style grill that locks in flavor and moisture because the ceramic allows it to hold heat and maintain temperature. You can smoke in this baby and barely have to check on it because it maintains temperature so well. On the flip side, this grill can get up to very high heat, 600 degrees +++, which makes it great for searing and cooking hot and fast. Once you’ve gone Egg, you can’t go back. You can taste the difference in food cooked on this grill/smoker- it just keeps things so darned moist!

Other Grills:

Saber Infrared Grill– this is my newest gas grill. This is a high end luxury gas grill using infrared technology, but with a very affordable price tag. All stainless steel- built to last! You can read my in depth review of the Saber Infrared Grill Review here.

The Saber Cast 500 grill is all stainless steel construction, 3 infrared burners, side burner and comes at a reasonable price point of $999.

PitBarrel Cooker

– The PitBarrel Cooker is a readily available UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker) that is super easy to cook on and yields picture perfect results every time. These are winning all over the place on the competition BBQ circuit.

Here is my detailed review of the Pit Barrel Cooker.

pit barrel cooker, pit barrel cooker review

The Pit Barrel Cooker comes with a “basket” that you fill with Kingsford Briquettes and place in the bottom.

Weber Smokey Mountain AKA “The Bullet” – this is the standard water smoker that many a competition BBQ cook relies on. You really can’t go wrong with a Weber Smokey Mountain. I cooked my “Better Than Sex Brisket” recipe on this smoker. Like I said- you can’t go wrong on a WSM! The most versatile and least expensive of tailgating grills has to be the Weber Smokey Joe.

I used to take this grill to the office on occassion for a fun lunch grill with my co-workers. This is a basic small charcoal grill and is extremely versatile. If you want to buy your first grill and don’t have a lot to spend, this is your guy.

No boat is complete without a grill. Grilling on the back of a boat is the ULTIMATE Tailgate. I have a magma boat grill that fits on the back of our San Juan 21 (a little swing keel sailboat). I’ve made grilled french toast at the marina on this grill- check out my bimini bread french toast recipe – this will make you the star of your next boat gathering!