I love hot sauce. I’ve been making my own hot sauce since college many years ago. And I’ve shared a few recipes like my Caribbean style hot sauce sauce in the earlier days of this website. Early on in my blogging days I fell in love with making my own sriracha for a spell and it was Steamy Kitchen’s sriracha recipe, which is a take on NomNom Paleo’s Sriracha Recipe.

So, I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me sooner that Smoked Sriracha is the MOST EPIC thing you can make on the grill almost 10 years ago when I first started making Sriracha! So here I am with SMOKED SRIRACHA! This Smoked Sriracha is a GAME CHANGER because it adds so much flavor to everything!

smoked sriracha recipe
Now, for all you Sriracha experts out there, I realize that TRUE Sriracha is aged and doesn’t have any tomato products. This is the QUICK and EASY version that doesn’t need fermenting. 

smoked peppers for hot sauce

smoking the peppers and tomato in this recipe takes Sriracha to the NEXT LEVEL!

This sauce doesn’t need the fermenting because it already packs a double umami punch with the smoked peppers combined with the natural umami of the fish sauce in the Sriracha. Paired with garlic, honey, rice vinegar, and the smoked peppers and you have a flavorful, balanced Sriracha that adds amazing flavor and heat and compliments just about everything!

ADDED BONUS: Peppers and Garlic are great for you!!! The ingredients in this sauce have Vitamin C and alicin from Garlic which are great for your immune system.

Keto Friendly Smoked Sriracha Sauce Recipe

If you want to make this sauce keto friendly, you will want to replace the honey for a sugar free/low carb sugar or maple syrup such as Lankanto Maple Flavored Syrup.

Paleo / Whole 30 Paleo Smoked Sriracha Sauce Recipe

To be Paleo and Whole 30 approved, you need to find a Fish Sauce with no sugar (sugar not allowed on keto either so make sure to look at your ingredients!) and no preservatives and no gluten. To ensure your Fish Sauce is junk free and no sugar, check out Red Boat Fish Sauce
So how to make this Smoked Sriracha Sauce that will forever change your life? Details below. BE SURE TO TAG ME ON INSTA if you make this sauce! @grillgirlrobyn #grillgirlrobyn


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smoked sriracha

Smoked Sriracha Sauce Recipe

  • Author: Robyn (GrillGirl)
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20
  • Total Time: 40 minutes
  • Yield: 2.5 cups 1x


The Best Sriracha is SMOKED Sriracha because it packs a double umami punch!!! If you make this sauce, you will be rewarded with epic flavor that compliments everything you eat while also adding a bit of heat.



  • 1 cup smoked fresno peppers OR red jalapenos
  • 1 cup mini peppers
  • 1 San Marzano or Roma tomato
  • 1 head of garlic, roughly smashed
  • 1/3rd cup unsweetened/natural rice vinegar
  • 1/4 cup honey *** if doing Keto this needs to be swapped with lankanto maple or choc zero maple
  • 2 tbsp fish sauce (for Paleo / Whole 30 use Red Boat Fish Sauce).


This recipe needs to be made on a charcoal grill to get the smokiness into the peppers. If you do this on a gas grill, you need to use a smoker tube to get smoke flavor. If using a pellet smoker, I recommend smoking longer at lower temps to get more smoker flavor. To add extra smoke, you can also look to use a smoker tube in your pellet smoker.
  1. Create a direct and indirect zone on your (charcoal) grill. Place peppers on indirect heat and let them absorb the smoke. Grill them for 20 minutes or more until they have begun to roast, eventually transfer at the end to get final char marks before transferring to a plate.
  2. Let the peppers cool and remove stems. You can roast these peppers one night after grilling your main course and then make the sauce with them the next day.
  3. Put ingredients in a food processor (or blender if you don’t have a food processor) and pulse until it forms a uniform texture and consistency. You will seeds in the sauce from the peppers but make sure there are no lumps in the mix.
  4. Transfer the pepper mix to medium sized pot. Let it get to a boil and then reduce to simmer, about 20 minutes. Prepare to have your MIND BLOWN with SMOKED SRIRACHA!!!
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  • Method: grill, simmer
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