EGGspander Multi Level Cooking System

What is the EGGspander? Simply put, it is a 5-piece rack system starter kit available for the large and extra-large Big Green Egg.

This multi-level grill accessory really opens up a whole bunch of possibilities for you and your Big Green Egg.

What do you get with the EGGspander?

The ConvEGGtor Basket

ConvEEGtor basket is included with the 5-Piece Kit.

The heart of the EGGspander is the convEGGtor basket. This is the base for the system.

The base not only allows you to lift your convEGGtor in and out of the Big Green Egg with ease, but it also allows to raise your cooking grid up above the top of the fire ring for cooking indirect or direct with the convEGGtor removed. That’s a feature that I absolutely LOVE!

The convEGGtor basket also acts as the wok ring for the new Big Green Egg Carbon Steel Wok. Right out of the gate we’re off to a great start, right?

Two Stainless Steel Half Grids

304 Steel Half Grid – 120731

The two half grids make up the main surface of the Big Green Egg EGGspander cooking system. Why are they half grid? This is where additional options start to open up for you.

The half grids are interchangeable with any number of additionally available options from Big Green Egg. You could have a grate on one half, and a griddle on the other. Perhaps you would like half to be a cast iron grate and the other half to be the Big Green Egg Perforated Half Grid? These half grids really open up possibilities.

2-Piece Multi-Level Rack

Big Green Egg 2 Piece Multi-Level Rack – 120755

These pieces are sweet. I think they should call it the Multi-Function Rack!

The 2-Piece Multi-Level Rack works with the convEGGtor basket to give you an additional 13”+ cook surface that is 4” above the main Big Green Egg cooking grate (if the main grate is in the high position). This additional cooking surface easily slides back out of the way to allow access to the food on the main grill grate. Here’s where things start to heat up! You can also flip the 2-Piece Multi-Level Rack over, place it right on top of the fire ring, and get that 13”+ grate right down on top of the coals for a “Cowboy”-style sear on your steak.

This rack can also be used to handle any grill grate you choose for cooking in the low direct position and allows you to lift the grid out to access the fire, add cooking wood, or whatever you need to do to achieve the best barbecue you can make.

You can see why the 2-Piece Multi-Level Rack for the Big Green Egg is truly a Multi-Function Rack!

Uses for the Big Green Egg 2 Piece Multi-Level Rack – 120755


Versatile Big Green Egg Accessory

Right out of the box, the EGGspander gives to a ton of versatility.

A convEGGtor handler, raised direct-cooking surface, two-tier direct cooking surfaces, two-tier indirect cooking surfaces, “Cowboy”-style searing, a grid handler — and this is just with the EGGspander starter kit. It doesn’t stop there, either. All of the handles on the EGGspander are oversized to be glove friendly. Each piece is made with of 304 stainless steel and are of the quality you know and love from the folks at Big Green Egg.

The cost of the Large 5-Piece EGGspander Kit is $256.99 and 269.95 for the XL as of April 2019. Your price may vary depending on your location. You can also check with your Big Green Egg dealer.

With all that above, the EGGspander doesn’t stop there. By adding to this system you can come up with an additional 35+ configurations to cook exactly the way you want. That’s a lot of possibilities!

More than 35 options for the Ultimate EGGspandability!

I’m extremely pleased with the EGGspander Multi-Level Cooking System. I highly recommend adding it to your Big Green Egg toolbox!

EGGspander Multi-Level Cooking System

What’s your favorite food to cook on a Big Green Egg or Kamado style grill? Share it in the comments below! Till next time Happy Grilling!


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