Many people are intrigued by the Kamado style grill and smoker known as the Big Green Egg. These grills are so popular, in fact, that they have a cult-like following of enthusiasts known as “Eggheads.” I, too, am an Egghead and have a had an Egg in my grilling arsenal for over eight years.

I get a lot of questions about the Egg, such as “What is the Big Green Egg?” and “What is so special about the Egg, and is it worth the money?” “How do I teach my husband to not burn everything on the Egg?”

There is a learning curve to any new grill or smoker that you bring into your household. As such, my resident “Eggspert,” Jon Solberg, is writing a series of blog posts on everything related to the Egg, including what’s inside, how to use the parts of an egg, how to control the fire on an Egg, and different cooking methods on the Egg.

Follow along on this adventure if you have ever been curious about getting an Egg or want to better understand how to get the most out of your Egg. We will be including classic recipes to master on your egg, including Chicken Thighs on the Egg, A Pork Butt on the Egg, and even Pizza on the Egg. Ride along on this EGGcellent adventure with Jon and I!