Author: Robyn

Blue Cheese, Craisin & Pecan stuffed Turkey Breast Grilled on a Cedar Plank

Boneless Turkey Breast is the ultimate versatile protein for stuffing, giving the option to get creative with your favorite ingredients. In this recipe, blue cheese, craisins, pecans and thyme make for a rich filling that is stuffed into the breast and then roasted on cedar planks on the grill to obtain smoke flavor. Next, the turkey is then basted in a garlic thyme compound butter to keep it moist and juicy while cooking on the grill. It is then sliced, yielding a turkey pinwheel that makes for the perfect creamy, crunchy, smoky bite, which is an excellent dish for date night or any night you want to take dinner to the next level.

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Grilled Salmon with Cherry Thyme Glaze

Salmon is another superfood that we can all feel good about, but to get the health benefits you need to look for wild caught (not farmed) salmon at your grocery store. Wild caught salmon has a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, which has a myriad of health benefits including improving bone health, boosting brain function, and giving a boost in antioxidants. I think we could all use more of these benefits in our life, am I right?

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