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GrillGirl Robyn Lindars

Proud to be a Kingsford Brand Ambassador.

HI! I’m Robyn Lindars, the “Grill Girl” behind GrillGirl.com. I’ve been serving up grilling adventures here since 2008! I’m happiest when I am testing out new recipes, particularly anything cooked over live fire: Grilling, Smoking, Campfire Cooking… As a girl who likes to eat, I try to keep my recipes healthy and full of flavor. I eat mostly PALEO and low carb as I tend to eat a lot of grilled meat and veggies, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a cocktail or the occasional piece of keylime pie! When I indulge I go all in!!

For video recipes, you can check out my youtube channel where I’ve made everything from grilled cocktails to spatchcocked chicken and recently launched my “GRILL SCHOOL” empowering everyone to learn the basics of grilling! 

In 2019, I launched my first cookbook, entitled “Healthy Electric Smoker: 100 Recipes with All Natural Ingredients and Fewer Carbs” published by DK books/Random House.

GrillGirl Robyn Lindars

start them young!

I live in Fort Myers, FL with my husband, an avid outdoorsmen, my son Hunter, and my 2 dogs (all rescues!). My husband and I recently moved from the greater Miami, FL area to the Southwest Florida where we are building a house on 30 acres we call Robot Ranch. You can follow along on the adventure on the Robot Ranch instagram account as we battle invasive plant species and wild boar, work on land management and build a modern Florida Style Farm house.

In the time I’ve had this blog I’ve documented my life experiences such as getting married, renovating a house (while pregnant!), having a baby, losing my furr babies, and renovating a vintage tin can camper. Now it’s getting even crazier as we are pioneering Punta Gorda, Florida! Thanks for being part of my journey!

Fun Facts About Robyn:

  • I teach “Women’s Grilling Clinics” to empower women to learn about grilling; I launched my GRILL SCHOOL Series empower everyone to learn the basics of grilling including how to start a grill, create direct versus indirect zones, cook the perfect steak on the grill, even cook desserts on the grill…. Check it out!
  • I compete on a BBQ team with my dad at the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Competition
  • I’m a Certified Steak Cook Off Association Judge and Trained Florida BBQ Association Judge
  • I appear every 3rd Tuesday of the Month on the BBQ Central Show Podcast with Greg Rempe sharing latest adventures in grilling
  • I have appeared on The Today Show, The First Chopped Grillmasters on Food Network (August 2013), The Cooking Channel’s Foodography, the Travel Channel’s “American Grilled” and love doing local and national live grilling segments! 
GrillGirl Robyn Lindars

I like big steaks and I cannot lie! I’m actually a certified steak judge with the Steak Cook Off Association. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!

Thank You for Stopping By! If you are interested in partnering on a project, please email me at robyn@grillgirl.com or connect with me via the various social networks linked at the bottom of this site. To see me in action, follow along on instagram @grillgirlrobyn