The BBQ Gift Basket is a fun and inexpensive DIY Gift for the Grilling and BBQ lover in your life! Instead of buying something right off of Amazon, it shows you put actual thought into the gift, it is also an excellent way to customize with all of your favorite BBQ Rubs, sauces and accessories.

The beauty of the BBQ Gift Basket is that you can buy a Chimney starter and fill it full of goodies! Instead of using a “basket”, the chimney starter is the basket and you then fill it with hand picked items, coupled with BBQ tools and accessories like squirt bottles and tongs that you can easily find at the Dollar tree! It’s truly one of my favorite ways to give the gift of BBQ that shows my creativity and knowledge of all the best condiments and products, while also not breaking the bank.

Want to make your own BBQ Gift Basket? Here’s the baseline items to include to ensure you include all the baseline essentials before adding more, most of which are on Amazon:

Must Have Items to Make a BBQ Gift Basket:

Chimney Starters/Tumble Weeds (acts as your basket)

Meat Thermometer– the Thermopop is only $21 and a very capable meat thermometer

Tumble Weeds/Fire Starters – these make getting your fire started a breeze. Can be used with your chimney starter to get your charcoal lit.

“Barrel Proof” Woof Chips – I’m a big fan of Bourbon Barrel Stave Wood Chips to add that amazing bourbon aroma to grilled food! But you can add whatever style of wood chips you like.

Grill Gloves – an essential for anyone who loves to grill!

BBQ Gift Basket

Favorite Condiments:

Sunshine State of Mind Craft BBQ Rub – this is my craft BBQ rub that tastes like nothing else on the market! With a Citrus Kaffir lime base paired with Himalayan Salt, Coriander and Granulated Honey it complements all proteins AND veggies! Plus, it makes for an excellent cocktail rimmer! Discover why contributing write Captain Ron calls it “the Crack of BBQ Rubs”.

W Sauce (Clean Ingredient Worcestershire Sauce- perfect for grilled meats!) – I love W Sauce, it is a clean ingredient Worcestershire Sauce that has a ton more flavor than Lea and Perrins! You will want to slather this on all the things!!

Sunshine State of Mind craft BBQ rub

Customers say Sunshine State of Mind “taste like happiness in a bottle”

Dollar Tree Stuff:

  • Squirt Bottles
  • Skewers
  • BBQ Baskets
  • Grill Cleaner
  • Basting Brush
  • Dish Towels

Additional Items if you want to make this a “Bigger” Gift

A Set of GrillGratesGrillGrates are THE tool that every person on the Steak Circuit, aka “The Steak Cook offs” uses for perfect char marks. They are also invaluable for reducing flare ups and by flipping them over you can turn your grill into a flat top griddle! So it helps you get more life and versatility out of your grill! Brilliant! 

Grill Grates Grilling tools

The new Jk Adams Cutting Boards from Thermoworks (voted best cutting boards by America’s Test Kitchen)

thermoworks cutting board

Dalstrong Knives– my favorite knives and cutlery! Great prices and value! 

dalstrong knife

Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef to go with your BBQ Gift Basket – Snake River Farms is my favorite Wagyu Beef Provider for gifting and for cooking on special occasions! 

snake river farms

Snake River farms offers American Wagyu Beef, Kurobuta Pork and some great cuts of Pacific seafood.

Check out my “Grilling Tools” Section to get additional ideas on must-have grilling tools for the BBQ enthusiast in your life. I literally don’t leave home without these tools!

This post includes affiliate links. If you purchase some items from this post I may receive a small commission! Thanks for supporting my small business!  Happy Holidays BBQ and Grilling Fam! I appreciate all of you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


How to Make a DIY BBQ Gift Basket