The Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies Continues! This is a tradition I started back in 2010 where I share my favorite products from that year! If you are looking for ideas for the BBQ lover or foodie in your life, then here are some of my tried and true recommendations. 

And, the Holidays are all about being thoughtful, not just shelling out money, so I like to always include a few DIY gifts. A thoughtful gift always trumps something store bought in my honest opinion! So if you have the time, my BBQ Gift Basket, DIY smore’s kit and DIY salt cellars are great ideas for the foodies in your life!


Sunshine State of Mind Craft BBQ Rub and Cocktail Rimmer

Sunshine State of Mind Craft BBQ Rub

If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s your official call to action! This citrus forward rub is completely unique in the world of BBQ rubs! With a Kaffir lime, granulated honey and coriander base, this rub is as good on steak as it is on seafood, chicken, pork, coleslaw, dessert and even cocktails! But don’t take my word for it- here is what some of my BBQ peeps have to say about it:

“It’s like the crack of BBQ rub” – Captain Ron

“My 5 year old requests Sunshine State of Mind every night. We put it on Baby Back Ribs the other day and it was divine!” – Brooke Lewis, Owner of the Shed BBQ

“I love this rub so much I have asked all my local BBQ stores to start selling it so everyone can experience Sunshine State of Mind”.

“Sunshine State of Mind is Chicken’s Best Friend” – Nick from Briskets and Biscuits

Use Code GIFTGUIDE for $1 off! Order a case to put in all your friends stockings who made the nice list this year!




If you are wondering how to get those epic char marks that you’ve seen the steak competitors do- the answers is- GRILLGRATES! But they offer much more than GRATE char marks- they will help your food cook more evenly, reduce flare ups, give life to an old grill, AND, you can flip them over to turn your grill into a griddle. Conversely, if you have a griddle and want those perfect char marks, you can get grates for your griddle. They even offer GRILLGRATES for when you cook indoors – place them in your cast iron pan when cooking steaks or even on a baking sheet for those epic char marks and even cooking. Use code MERRY25 for 25% off their site

Sunny Moody, World Championship Steak Cook Offs Winner, uses GrillGrates on her Steaks during Robyn’s Women’s Grilling Clinic.


BGE Rotisserie


After much anticipation, the BGE rotisserie is here! Now Eggers don’t have to buy the Kamado Joe attachment for their  EGGS. Now you can essentially turn your EGG into the roasting pit you always knew it could be!


Meater Wifi Enabled Meat Thermometer


For the BBQ-er in your life who loves technology, this is the gift for them. The MEATER wifi enabled thermometer will basically take all the guess work out of figuring out the right internal temp for any kind of meat, it will track the cook over time while giving you alerts AND it will alert you when it is done. This is great for those cooks who get distracted while cooking and it also will allow you to chart your entire cook, great for the techy BBQ-er in your life! You can get the Meater BLOCK to cook and monitor up to 4 different cooks at once. Use my promo code for 10%! And, for the Holidays they have announced a limited edition Brown Sugar block that looks quite sexy on your countertop. 

Use this link for 10% off the entire MEATER site.

meater block


Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Shaker


A while back I purchased a battery operated pepper shaker and it was my favorite kitchen gadget. I’ve gotten a new and improved battery operated Salt and Pepper shaker that is now on sale for the holidays that also has an LED light, and comes on a nice acacia wood base as a set that makes it easy to carry to the dinner table while also keeping everything neat on the countertop. 

SHOPPABLE LINKSalt and Pepper Shaker

holiday gift guide



Barrel Proof Bourbon Wood Smoking Chips


I love supporting other small business and these Barrel Proof Bourbon wood smoking chips have the most bourbon smelling flavor of any that I have tried. I am also in love with their Bourbon Dust for making smoked cocktails. These chips add great bourbon flavor when you add them to your grill or smoker! 

barrel proof bourbon wood smoking chips


FATWORKS – healthy cooking fats! 

If you are still cooking with seed oils, now is the time to stop. Check out Fatco’s assortment of cooking fats like their ghee, grassfed beef allow and duck fat. I’m all about supporting small businesses (LIKE MINE!). I can tell you that this ghee is so flavorful for cooking that I”m not going to lie I lick the spoon after I use it to pour into my pans.

fatworks cooking fats

FATCO – Clean Skin Care made from Beef Tallow and Essential Oils

I’ve broken up with toxic chemicals In my food and on my body. As such, I’m also using ingredients like beef tallow in things like Deodorant. I am loving Fatco’s assortment of natural skin care with deodorant that keeps me stink-free all day (even in Florida!). Check out the soap- it’s the bomb! Use code GRILLGIRL15 for 15% off!

fatco stank stop

StarGazer Cast Iron

I’m a fan of cooking in cast iron, and since most modern day cookware is loaded in chemicals, cast iron is the only kind I trust! I use my StarGazer cast iron pan every day- the added bonus is that it can easily be used on your grill and in your kitchen. And, you can pass it down to your kids one day! 

SHOPPABLE LINK – StarGazer Cast Iron

star gazer cast iron

Daltstrong Kitchen Shears

Dalstrong makes awesome knives so I was EXTRA excited when they came out with Kitchen shears. I use Kitchen Shears for all the things and I LOVE that these come apart making them easier to clean and sharpen. They’re a winner in my book!

SHOPPABLE LINK – Daltstrong Kitchen Shears

dalstrong kitchen shears


Thermapop – 3 second Internal Read Thermometer

I’ve been recommending Thermapens and Thermopops for years. If you are a cook you need an interal read thermometer in your kitchen, period, end of story. I like the Thermopop because it has most of the features of it’s more expensive bigger brother, the Thermapen, so even those on a budget can make sure they aren’t over or under cooking their meat as it offers 3 second temp readings.  (I use these for frying too- anything where temp is important!). These are a MUST in the kitchen. Don’t leave home without one!

how to grill tomahawk steak

Any serious griller needs a good meat thermometer! They can also be used for all other types of cooking including when frying.

Give the Gift of Detox- COSEVA

If you’ve been watching my stories on instagram, you know I’m a BIG FAN of Coseva’s Products. You can read all about how they work for detox here. Our food supply is LOADED in toxins and it is up to us to daily detox this stuff out of our system. I use fulvic acid for gut healing and detoxing glyphosate (round up that is found in our food). I use the TRS for detoxing heavy metals (that are in everything- like antiperspirant, all the ?shots you ever took)… Detoxing helps reduce the load on your body so your immune system can focus on the important stuff- fighting off the yuck!



MasterPro’s Double Walled Glassware

Full disclosure, I developed some recipes for MasterPro for this glassware but after doing so I have full fallen in love with them and bought glasses for everyone in my family! I love that the double walled glassware looks pretty while also retaining glass ALL DAY LONG! They can withstand temps from -4 degrees (so the shot and martini glasses can be stored in the freezer !) and up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit- which will keep your mug of hot cocoa warm for DAYS. Use my code for a discount GRILLGIRL15 for 15% off their entire site.

smoked old fasioned

Want more ideas for the Foodies in your life? Check out my previous gift guides including my 2021 Holiday gift guide and my 2020 holiday gift guide! Affiliate links have been used this in this post- I only recommend products I personally use and endorse!

Happy Holidays BBQ Family!