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recipe for parmesan crisps

Smoked Parmesan Crisps

  • Author: Robyn


Smoked Parmesan Crisps are a game changer, and the perfect chip alternative to have for a protein packed snack! Parmesan crisps are easy to make in the oven but making them in the smoker makes them even better with the addition of smoke flavor! Drizzle them with honey for a drool worthy guilt free snack!


  • 1 cup parmesan
  • 1 tbsp flour – I use organic Einkhorn flour but use what you have on hand
  • Freshly cracked pepper (optional)
  • Fresh thyme- about a teaspoon (optional)


Heat your smoker to 400 degrees. If you want to know how to turn your grill into a smoker, refer to my “GRILL SCHOOL” series where I show you how to create direct and indirect zones on your grill. 

Grate a cup of parmesan cheese. Next, combine the parm, cracked pepper, thyme and parm in a bowl to combine. 

Layer a sheet pan with parchment paper or you can use frog mats or a cupcake pan but make sure you give them a good coating of nonstick spray so the parmesan crisps don’t stick.

If you are using an oven with cedar planks, first soak them for 30 minutes before making crisps. Next spray oil on your cedar plank and then lightly dust with flour. We want to ensure that the crisps do not stick to the wood but still get smoke flavor.

Place about 1tbsp of cheese/flour mixture on your parchment or cupcake pan and place them 2 inches apart. This will make about a dozen or so crisps.

Bake for 10 minutes OR until they have turned golden. Once they have spread out and are bubbling, they are just about ready. Keep in mind that they will quickly go from perfect (light golden yellow) to burned (dark yellow/brown) in the matter of about 2 minutes to be sure to watch your smoker. 

Remove the crips from the pan and store on a paper towel in an airtight container. Trust me when I tell you that these will not last more than 24 hours – they are so good! You could easily eat the entire batch in one sitting!