Early on in my blogging career, I was exposed to the concept of grilled cocktails at Kingsford University and it forever changed the way I think about adding smoke flavor to cocktails – and was the brainchild for my Grilled Margarita Recipe!  Just like great BBQ, cocktails can benefit from smoke flavor and it’s actually easier than you might think to infuse smoke flavor to your favorite libation.

GrillGirl: Smoked Cocktails

Let these ideas inspire you to be the badass bartender you always knew you could be, no trip needed to that pricey craft cocktail bar! Even if you don’t own a grill, you can easily add smoked flavor to cocktails with some of the tools I list below such as a cedar plank and a smoking gun making smoked cocktails at home obtainable to everyone! If you make a smoked cocktail, tag me on Instagram @grillgirlrobyn so I can virtually clink a glass with you!

So, let’s get this smoked cocktail party started! And don’t forget to check out the Cocktail Section of my site for some Smoked cocktail inspiration! I’ve got you covered with my Grilled Margarita, my Smoky Paloma, and my smoked old fashioned.

Let Smoke be the unsung hero that sets your bartending and cooking skills apart!

smoked ice

Smoked ice infused with fresh herbs make for a fun addition to any cocktail, and as the ice melts it adds smoke flavor to your cocktail!

Smoked Ice

The next time you throw something on your grill or smoker and you’re ready to shut her down, add a pan of water to the smoker to let it absorb smoke flavor. Let it sit there for a few hours and get infused with smoke; if there are any char particles that have made it into the water, you can strain them out with a cheese cloth. Use this water to make ice cubes! Get the large square ice cube molds that are perfect for whiskey drinks and cocktails. I like to add a rosemary sprig for a fun visual in the drink, which adds an additional layer of flavor as the ice melts! Try smoked ice in this Smoked Old Fashioned Cocktail recipe! 


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smoked cocktails

Grilling your citrus is a fun way to add smoke flavor to your cocktails.

Grilled Citrus

Grilled citrus may be my first love when it comes to making cocktails. Take lemons, limes or grapefruit, dip them in sugar, and grill them up. The sugar and fruit caramelizes on the grill, which adds amazing flavor to your margarita, Paloma or just about any cocktail that includes citrus. Juicing these grilled cocktails gives you a smoke-infused juice that adds subtle smoky flavor to your cocktail.

sunshine state of mind margarita

Rimming your margarita with my supremely addictive Craft BBQ Rub and Rimmer will put you in a Sunshine State of Mind, no matter where you are!

Try my Grilled Paloma or my Sunshine State of Mind Margarita! Did you know my Sunshine State of Mind Craft BBQ Rub is the perfect cocktail rimmer?


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smoked cocktails

Making smoked simple syrup is an easy way to add smoke flavor to cocktails, such as in these smoked jalapeno simple syrup margaritas.

Smoked Simple Syrup

Making a batch of smoked simple syrup will ensure that every cocktail you make until the batch runs out will have nice smoky flavor. Take a 9×13 pan and mix it with 2 cups sugar and 2 cups water. Let is sit on the smoker at 225 degrees for 2 hours so the sugar can dissolve and the mixture can absorb smoke flavor. You can also add herbs or other ingredients to infuse the syrup with additional flavors like rosemary, mint, or jalapeno. Get creative!


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smoked cocktails

Cedar planks are an easy way to add smoke flavor to any cocktail even if you don’t own a grill.

Cedar Plank Smoked Cocktails

You’ve probably seen bartenders do this trick, but it’s easy to recreate at home. Take a cedar plank you would usually use for grilling and take cigar shavings or (your favorite kind of tea works great, too) and light them so they being to smolder. Take your rocks glass and set it on top of the lit shavings. Let the glass sit there for a minute and now you have a glass full of cigar-infused smoke that is ready for an ice cube and a generous splash of bourbon or whatever you fancy.


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smoked cocktails

Breville’s smoking gun makes it easy to add smoke to cocktails and just about any other dish without needing a grill.

Smoking Gun

If you don’t own a smoker but want to add smoke flavor to anything, cocktails included, the Smoking Gun makes it easy to have smoke flavor even if you’re an apartment dweller. This is handheld, cold smoking device that makes it easy to infuse just about anything with smoke flavor. The smoking gun will come with a few wood types you can choose from like apple and mesquite, but I like to take chai or cigar shavings to elevate the experience! This tool is also great for adding smoke flavor to soups and side dishes. Have fun with it!


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