I really, really, REALLY love s’mores. Gooey melted marshmallows toasted over an open flame paired with coconut, sea-salted dark chocolate and ginger snaps sound like absolute heaven to me. And with summer here, it’s time to gather around the (grill) fire to cook up the ultimate outdoor dessert with your very own s’mores bar!

As you probably know, s’mores are super easy to do! You skewer marshmallows and roast them over the embers of your charcoal grill (or if using gas, the burners) until they are toasted and bubbly, and pair them with your favorite ingredients. Of course, everyone argues over when a marshmallow is ready to come off the flame! It’ll bring you back to the days of making s’mores as a Girl or Boy Scout.

One of the best parts of s’mores is how messy they are!

This summer, after you’ve had a cookout, keep the flames going and continue the party with a DIY s’mores bar. I love putting out a glass filled with skewers and placing it on a tray bursting with all the items you need to make s’mores. Don’t forget the paper towels!

And don’t just limit yourself to chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows! With a s’mores bar, go crazy and offer your family and friends ginger snaps, chocolate chip cookies, sea-salt dark chocolate, toffee chips, coconut flakes, Nutella—whatever goes well with marshmallows and cookies. I even put out some Peeps!

Heck, pop open a bottle of red wine, while you’re at it. That goes with chocolate, right?

Don’t hold back. Try different combinations when making your s’mores!

Here are some of my favorite s’mores combos:

The Scotsman

The Scotsman: Dark chocolate, toffee, toasted marshmallows and shortbread cookies

The Almond Joy

The Almond Joy: Dark chocolate, toasted coconut, almond butter and roasted marshmallows

The Thin Mint

The Thin Mint: Mint chocolate, roasted marshmallows and brownie bite cookies

The Stroopwafel

The Stroopwafel: Belgian chocolate, roasted marshmallows and Stroopwafel wafer cookies

The sky is the limit. There really is nothing more fun than roasting marshmallows on a summer night, and the idea with a s’mores bar is a fun presentation and even more fun for your guests! 


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