You guys, I didn’t know what my life was missing until I made Focaccia Bread. I mean, where has it been all my life? If you haven’t tried focaccia bread, are you even living? You might be saying to yourself, what the Focaccia is this Focaccia bread? I’m here to tell you it’s amazingly delicious AND easy because I made it with store bought pizza dough. So it really only took 4 ingredients and my Green Mountain Grill Pellet Smoker to make me look like a bread baking rock star. I love it when I come out as the hero. 

So what is Focaccia bread exactly? Wikipedia says it is a flat oven-baked Italian bread similar in style and texture to pizza; in some places, it is called “pizza bianca”. Focaccia is light and fluffy, a perfect vehicle for fun toppings, and many people use it as a side or use it for sandwich bread. This is the bread you hope you get when you go to a restaurant, not that plain jain boring Italian bread. This bread is light and airy topped with rosemary and garlic and it is the perfect vehicle for the toppings of your choosing.

So if you are looking for an easy way to elevate happy hour, elevate your next pasta dinner with an out of the box bread option OR elevate your sandwich game, then this recipe is for you.

easy focaccia bread on your pellet smoker

How Do You Make Focaccia Bread in Your Grill or Pellet Smoker?

First off, what made this fail proof is that I used the Pizza Oven Attachment in my Green Mountain Grill Pellet Smoker. If you follow me you’ve seen me make all kinds of pizza in my Pellet Smoker, such as a basic Margherita Pizza to a BBQ Chicken Pizza to even a Thai Shrimp Pizza. That attachment has taken Pizza night to new heights at our house. But, as I’m showing you here, you can do so much more with the pizza oven attachment AND you can do so much more with store bought pizza dough. 

I may, just may, be the unofficial Queen of Grilled Pizza, as I did it on my appearance on the Today Show. I guess from that day on, my status has been solidified. So now, I continue my reign of Pizza baking and now present to you this Rosemary Garlic Focaccia Bread made with store bought pizza dough, olive oil, garlic and rosemary. I mean wow, so simple and so delish and only 4 ingredients!!! 

If you don’t have a Green Mountain Grill Pellet Smoker with the Pizza Oven attachment, then you can still try making this bread on your pellet smoker but I can’t guarantee the results. For the investment, you really can’t go wrong with this attachment because it essentially turns your Pellet Smoker into a wood fired pizza oven. This attachment is, in my opinion, something that really sets Green Mountain Grills apart versus other pellet smokers. However, If you don’t have it I would recommend cranking the grill to 500, placing the focaccia bread on a pizza stone and letting the bread bake until it becomes golden. But, ultimately get the pizza oven insert!

With the pizza oven insert on, you will crank the grill to 225. The pizza oven insert essentially amplifies the heat so while your digital read out says it is 225, in reality in the oven it is much hotter.

You then separate the dough into two balls, this will essentially create two medium sized loaves. After that, flatten the dough a bit and add olive oil. Create pockets into the dough with your fingers and then pour the olive oil in. Let it absorb a bit, and then add more olive oil. Then add your garlic and rosemary and you are ready to bake bread. That’s it, its so darn easy. I told you this recipe is going to make you a rock star.

Bake the bread in the pizza oven until it become golden brown, about 5-7 minutes max. Using your pizza peel or a large spatula, turn the bread clockwise halfway so it cooks evenly on both sides.

I like to slice mine up and then, just like they do at your favorite Italian Restaurant, add olive oil and balsamic vinegar and more fresh rosemary. Congrats, you’ve now made your first loaf of Focaccia in your Pellet Smoker. Was that easy or what? I told you this recipe will make you look like a rock star!

Note, this recipe was developed in partnership with my friends at Green Mountain Grills. I only work with companies I personally use and endorse!

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easy focaccia bread recipe

Easy Rosemary Garlic Focaccia Bread Recipe You Can Make In Your Pellet Smoker

  • Author: Robyn
  • Total Time: 12 minutes
  • Yield: 8 servings 1x


This easy Rosemary Garlic Focaccia Bread Recipe is made with store bought pizza dough, making this an easy, 4 ingredient recipe that produces amazing results!



1 store bough pizza dough, divided in two (or, if you want to make from scratch, here's a great dough recipe)

1/2 cup olive oil

3 cloves garlic, minced

3 sprigs rosemary

corn meal- for coating your pizza peel or cutting board so your dough easily slides into the pizza oven


Preheat your Green Mountain Grill Grill with Pizza Oven attachment insert to 225. Next, divide the dough in half and flatten into 2 flat balls, using your fingers to place pockets for the oil to go into. Add olive oil and press into the dough, then add more oil. Add the garlic and then the rosemary needles.

Add corn meal to your cutting board or pizza peel before adding the bread so it will easily slide into the pizza oven.

Bake for 5-7 minutes, turning the dough halfway with a spatula so it cooks evenly.

Remove from the pizza oven and slice and serve with balsamic and olive oil for dipping.


This recipe was developed in partnership with Green Mountain Grills. I only work with companies I use and trust! 

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 7 minutes
  • Category: Grilled Pizza, Focaccia Bread Recipe
  • Method: Grilled Pizza
  • Cuisine: Italian

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