Judging from her Instagram page, you’d never guess that Nicole Stover of Beach Girl Grills grew up in a mostly vegetarian household! In fact, her first time working the grill was making a freakin’ turkey for Thanksgiving — I think it’s safe to safe that when Nicole wants to try something, she really goes for it.

I’ve been following Nicole and her beach grilling adventures on Instagram for years now — I would call her an Instagram bestie — and she even lent her brining expertise in this recent post on GrillGirl.com. Obviously, she had to be a part of our Girls Who Grill Series, and I know you’ll fall in love with Nicole of Beach Girl Grills as much as I have!

Plus, check out her signature recipe for Grilled Shrimp in White Wine Sauce and be sure to tag us if you try it out! 

Tells us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a native Floridian who loves all facets of my beautiful quirky state, from the ever changing turquoise waters that provide so many of my favorite ingredients, to the swampy wild Everglades, and the eclectically populated cities in between. I have a legal background but work in my family business of clock repair.

What kind of cuisine did you grow up eating?

My mom was raised vegetarian and the majority of her family remains vegetarian. My dad is from San Antonio where beef and Mexican reign supreme, so it was definitely a combination of all of that, along with all the best of the ’80s. Shake ‘n Bake pork chops, everything in a crockpot, and Betty Crocker recipes.

How did you learn how to grill?

I came home from college for Thanksgiving and decided to switch up the normally very vegetarian family meal and bring a grilled turkey. I used a Wolfgang Puck recipe for brining and grilled it indirect for hours on a no name gas grill. It was so golden and glossy even my vegetarian grandma gave it a try.

Nicole Stover of Beach Girl Grills

Were you ever intimidated by grilling?

Jumping in, absolutely not. Everything was new so I didn’t know or think to be intimidated. As the years have gone by and the ingredients have gotten better and I have learned more, there’s sometimes that worry of ruining a beautiful product or having a recipe totally flop.

What grills do you cook on regularly?

A classic, always the right answer, Weber kettle, and a Pit Boss Pro Series 1150 pellet grill.

What dish would you say you’re most famous for grilling?

Grilled shrimp in a white wine sauce. The shrimp get a little pour, and so do I.

Nicole’s grilled fish taco

What has been your proudest moment in grilling?

Making lunch on the grill for families staying at the Fisher House. Anytime I can use the grill to spread a little happiness and positivity, it’s a good day.

What advice would you give to other women who want to learn how to grill?

Take your tongs and jump in completely. Start with recipes you know and are comfortable with because it’ll be easier to transfer them to grilling. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Cook what makes you and those in your life happy. And always have fun!

What is on your list of dishes you want to try on the grill?

It’s the Florida girl in me, alligator and I’m always looking forward to grilling the big catch!

Nicole’s New Orleans BBQ Shrimp

What is on your grilling “bucket list?”

I would love to throw a huge grilling party on the beach, whoever is strolling by is welcome to fish tacos, barbecue shrimp, and a cold cerveza.

What is on your grilling gear wish list?

A deep ocean blue Weber master touch kettle.

What are some of your non-grilling hobbies?

As much as I love grilling, I equally love writing. I love combining the two passions. I am a total beach girl and most relaxed and content with my toes in the sand, pole in the water, wrapped in the warmth of the sun.

Anything else we should know about you?

I equally love learning, and inspiring. As much as I hope to make grilling easy and accessible to everyone, those around me continually drive me to try new things. It’s an incredible community.

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