To say I love my Big Green Egg grill would be an understatement — I’ve shared everything from pizza and pulled pork to a Thanksgiving turkey on the Big Green Egg! As many people bought their first Big Green Egg or Kamado Style smoker last year during lockdowns, I’ve seen a rise of people looking for Big Green Egg Tables. 

Because of the rise of everyone getting grills any  many grill companies having a hard time keeping grills in stock, it is not surprising that BGE themselves is out of stock of their grill tables. I can personally recommend the JJ George Cedar Egg Table — I’ve had mine for a few years (here is a picture) and it has held up well under the harsh Florida elements. Having said that, it is imperative you cover any grill and grill table to ensure its longevity in your backyard.

But, not everyone wants the invest upwards of $800 on a table, and that is where building one yourself can save you a bit of money. If you want to build your own Big Green Egg or Kamado table, which instantly helps turn your lone grill into a Grilling Station with a place to park your cutting boards, then here are some of the best ones we’ve found on the interweb!


big green egg table plans

And, if you have been following me for a while, you all know I love a good DIY project! We’re even in the process of building a home, which we’ve dubbed the Robot Ranch (you can check out our progress on Instagram). 

A question that comes up a lot with the Big Green Egg: isn’t putting it in a wooden table a fire hazard? That’s the beauty of the Big Green Egg! The heat is insulated within the ceramic grill, so these tables are perfectly fine to use.

So without further ado, I found five Big Green Egg table plans from talented DIYers that caught my eye. Which one would you want to have in your outdoor kitchen space?  

1. Table Plan with Storage from Build Something

big green egg table plan

Courtesy Build Something

Nathan Crilly shared his table plans for a Big Green Egg Grill Cabinet on Build Something. I love the option of having a cabinet and drawer to store my grilling supplies. An easy addition to any plan, too, are the hooks for your tongs and towels. With ample space next to the grill, it can serve as a prep top or a place to plate and share your grilling creations.

2. Big Green Egg Centered from Seared and Smoked

big green egg table plan

Courtesy Seared and Smoked

Double your table space with this plan from Seared and Smoked that has the Big Green Egg sit right smack dab in the middle. As your food is cooking, set out cocktails and snacks for your guests while still giving you plenty of space to work. Down below, two cabinets provide storage space for all your gear. Plus, those wheels make it easy to move the table around!

3. Simplified Table Plan from Hey Fitzy

big green egg table plan

Courtesy Hey Fitzy

If you want a more simplified look for your Big Green Egg table, this table plan by Tammy from Hey Fitzy should do the trick. This option still has plenty of storage and prep space, as well as a tabletop where you can serve up bites at your next backyard BBQ. 

4. Big Green Egg Table With Cutting Board from Etsy

A lot of creators on Etsy will build a Big Green Egg table for you, but you can also find plans to purchase. Happy Little Bear sells this plan for less than $7! This plan is a mix of what I’ve shared already, but with the addition of a beautiful stone slab as a cutting board. Plus, how handy is that beer bottle opener? 

5. Rustic Big Green Egg Table from The Yardist


If you’re a whiz with tools and woodworking, you’ll love this Big Green Egg table that Sarah Bendrick from The Yardist built! Not only did she create a functional table, but it’s gorgeous with the addition of a false Gabion wall, stone-topped table, and beautiful landscaping to boot. 

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