The Green Mountain Grill Pizza Oven attachment is one of my favorite things! Because there is nothing better than pizza on the grill. It was, in fact, pizza, that was the first out of the norm thing I ever attempted to make on the grill that spurred my interest in wanting to grill in the early days of my grilling journey.

Everyone loves pizza and the perfect way to make pizza is with a fire, and the Green Mountain Grill pizza oven attachment is the easiest way to get wood fired pizza oven taste without having to build a pizza oven in your backyard.

I’ve had a long history with Pizza in my grilling career so far, which is quite surprising because I am lactose intolerant lol! But, there’s nothing as awesome as pizza off the grill so I’m happy to have been a grilled pizza evangelist from the beginning, starting with doing a Grilled Pizza clinic for the media when I was the Outdoor cooking Ambassador with Land O’ Lakes cheese, and then even going on the Today show to show people how to make pizzas on their grill with store bought dough! It’s like I was a pizza maker in my past life or something and I was destined to make pizza in this life!

Green Mountain Grill Pizza Oven

So, pizza get even better now that you can make them in your pellet smoker! This all starts with the Green Mountain Grill Pizza Oven insert! You can find the pizza oven attachment at your local Green Mountain Grill dealer

But, you need to know a few things before you can successfully make pizza in your pizza oven. My version of instructions for my pizza oven insert (which was from last year) did not say anything about using the app. So I did not have success at first because I wasn’t using the app and learned this the hard way. Now I am saving you the frustration I had by giving the intel you need to be successful!

Even if you do not normally use the app, you will need to use the app to use the pizza oven mode. So here is the play by play you need to follow to start making pizza!

First, I recommend watching this video on how to get your pizza hooked up to your wifi network. 

  1. Get your grill onto your Wi-Fi network/router- see video below.
  2. Now that you’ve gotten your grill synchronized with your home router /Wi-Fi, run firmware updates, it is time to put your pizza into pizza oven mode! See my video below!
  3. Make sure your grill is on and synchronized with the app. Go to your settings and put the app into pizza oven mode. Put the pizza at 225 degrees. While most of the pizza attachment recipes on the Green Mountain Grill App say to heat the grill to 350, as I write this in December of 2020, word from my contact, who is one of the owners at Green Mountain grills, is to set the grill for the pizza oven at 225 degrees. The heat will be much hotter in the pizza oven attachment than 225 degrees it is set to.


If you plan on making pizza all the time, I HIGHLY recommend getting an infrared thermometer (affiliate link) that you can shoot into the pizza oven compartment to get an accurate reading, which should be well over 500 degrees inside.

Now that you’ve got the technical aspect down to the actual grill and pizza oven attachment, you will need to decide what you are building your pizza on — a cutting board or a pizza peel. If you don’t have a pizza peel yet, then I highly suggest you get one.

A pizza peel is essentially the launching pad for the pizza to go into the oven. When you buy the Pizza oven insert, you can also buy a pizza peel. If you don’t have a pizza peel, use a large cutting board.

Now, here is the important part — flour your cutting board or pizza peel, and then add a dusting of cornmeal before placing your dough (that has already been stretched, etc.) onto the peel or cutting board. This is going to ensure it will smoothly leave the pizza peel without sticking when you go to slide it into the pizza oven attachment.

Now, what about dough — what do I recommend? From a dough perspective, the easiest option if you  are short on time (and aren’t we all?) is to buy the pre-made pizza dough at your grocery store. I actually find the pizza dough at my Walmart to be better than the dough at my grocery store, go figure! And cheaper too!

Or, you can make your own or use a kit. I have a great pizza dough recipe here that I’ve been using for years. The Green Mountain Grill Pizza insert instructions also include a great recipe for pizza dough.

Another great option is to use Urban Slicers dough kits. They are specifically formulated for making pizza on the Green Mountain Grill. Sweet!

And, if you are looking for a healthier option, try this Einkhorn Flour Pizza Dough Recipe. As someone who has trouble digesting gluten, this one was a game changer for me. In that post I dig into why I love Einkhorn flour as my latest healthier flour discovery.

So, once you’ve gotten the pizza ready to go, put it on your floured and corn-meal-sprinkled pizza peel or cutting board and you are ready to create your pizza.

Here’s a fun idea: have people over and set up a “make your own pizza bar.” Give them all kinds of different toppings and go to town with customizing to make it uniquely their own. Here are a few of my favorite pizza recipes to help you with ideas on your “pizza party:”

Margherita Pizza on the Green Mountain Grill

Margherita Pizza on the Green Mountain Grill

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Have you tried using the Green Mountain Grill Pizza Oven insert? Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!!

Don’t have the Green Mountain Grill Pizza oven insert but still want to make pizza on your grill? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are my instructions for making pizza on ANY kind of grill!

How to Grill Pizza On Any Kind of Grill: Grilled Margherita Pizza Recipe