2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies! ????????????

This is the 10th year I’ve done a gift guide, continuing my tradition of sharing my favorite items in the grill and foodie-sphere. As a blogger and grilling influencer, I get the opportunity to try and test out a lot of products in the market and here are some of my favorite things. Let me preface here and say anything on this list are things I have tested and use regularly and get my seal of approval.

Some of these things are items I have put on my list for years because they deserve to be there, such as the Thermapen. If someone doesn’t have a Thermapen or a Thermopop in their repertoire and they are a serious griller, they should have one, and that is why I continually have the thermapen on my list, because it is one of those tools that any serious foodie should have. 

There are also some new things on this year’s list that I’ve discovered recently, such as the Hamama Microgreens kit. This kit is so fun because I feel like I can watch it grow before my eyes! Look for the discount code below.

And in the spirit of shopping small, I want to highlight my friends over at Felton Angus Beef. I love supporting small businesses and The Felton Family are Cattle Ranchers in Montana and you can see the love they bestow on their animals. Because of Shipping restraints in December, I recommend gifting a gift certificate from them for the foodies in your life.


Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone

There are a plethora of Pellet Grills on the market these days, with Traeger being the biggest company out there, and many new companies entering the market every day. Pellet Smoking has transformed the way people cook because they make it easy to have smoke flavor with virtually no work. A pellet smoker is essentially like using an oven as there is no aspect of fire management with these type grills. This is why I think Pellet Grills have ushered in a new wave of female grillers because it eliminates having to actually start or manage a fire.

While Pellet grills are awesome because of their ease of use, they have a lot of moving parts, which means they can break. Any pellet smoker will at one point in time have a part that stops working. And when this happens you want to work with a company who will make it easy to fix. I have worked with Green Mountain Grills for over 6 years and I can say 100% they are an amazing company to work with. They continue to innovate their technology in the pellet market, but when it comes down to brass tacks, if you need to get in touch with them and replace a part of ask a question, you will get in touch with a real person and they will fix it fast. You can only buy Green Mountain Grills at dealer locations, similar to how BGE works, so check their dealer finder on their website. You can read and watch my full review of the Green Mountain Grill here. Note: Green Mountain Grills is an advertising partner of GrillGirl.com. However, everything I have stated above is 100% my opinion.




Masterbuilt Gravity Fed Pellet Smoker


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I first reported this new technology in the grill market when I saw this grill at the World Food Championships back in October of 2019 and then I got the opportunity to cook on it for the first time as part of the Kingsford Smokehouse tour where I showed ya’ll how to make my Red, White and Blue Cobbler on it.

This is a really cool grill that is essentially a totally new category in the market. It essentially has a fan built into it that regulates the fire of your charcoal grill. In essence, they have managed to digitize the charcoal grilling experience, adding a bit more control to the whole charcoal grilling process. You can connect via wifi and control this process remotely, but it is not required. If you love the taste of cooking over charcoal, but want to add a bit of new tech to the mix, this is the grill for you. They now offer 3 different sizes. Now, keep in mind that Meathead from Amazing Ribs downgraded the Gravity Fed Smoker from a platinum rating to a silver because of some issues he saw after continued use: rusting in the firebox and the fan died. While not everyone has had these issues it is worth mentioning, though I have heard of other people having highly positive experiences. I too have had a positive experience. I will say that since I have about 10 grills in my backyard, each one doesn’t get as much use as if I only had a few so I have not seen this yet but have only used it about a dozen times to be fair. I still think this is some of the most groundbreaking technology in the grilling sphere and give it a thumbs up as I think this is a cool grill and have enjoyed cooking on it.

Gold Chef Grill


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This is the coolest little grill I have come into contact with and it has provided me a ton of great cooking experiences so far. If you have ever thought about getting a salamander, which are extremely pricey, or buying the Otto Wilde Grill with a price tag of $999, then the Gold Chef Grill is for you. It is essentially a portable salamander or searing station that cooks vertically, making clean up much easier, and also comes with a rotisserie so you can roast chickens or ducks or make tacos al pastor. This grill is normally $299 but use my code GC01 to get free shipping and all the accessories including the rotisserie for the highly discounted price of $169. 

Grill Accessories


JJ George Cedar BGE/Kamado TableAs 2020 was the year of everyone spending more time in their backyard as many had no other choice, having a table to park your BGE can make your space feel more like an outdoor kitchen where you have a place to prep and park your cutting boards and supplies.

I’ve had the JJ George cedar BGE table for over a year now and it has held up really well so far in the Florida sun and humidity. As with any grill and grill table, you need to get a cover to protect it!


GrillGrates – if you are looking for stellar char marks, like the ones you see from all those SCA cooks, then GrillGrates are what you need. They have multiple uses: great char marks, flip them over and you have a griddle, and if you have a grill with rusted out grates, then getting a pair of grill grates can save you from having to buy a new grill.

JJ George Fire Starter – Speed up the grill lighting process with the JJGeorge Fire starter. This is my go-to way to “fire in the hole”!

EGGspander Multi Level Cooking System

Eggspander– if you have a Big Green Egg and want to cook more things at a time, then getting the expander will make your Egg work harder for you. You can only find these at Egg Dealers, as with all Egg related merchandise. We did a full review of the Eggspander here.

Stocking Stuffers and Fun Gifts

Kingsford Shwag- for your friends who love Kingsford Charcoal, they just launched their new merch website with all kinds of fun Kingsford stuff, like this cool Kingsford Yeti cup. If you “roll with coal” like I do, this website has all kinds of cool stuff like sweatshirts, hats, Yeti mugs and even charcoal or pellets by the pallet for the Charcoal and Pellet enthusiast.

Use code GRILLGIRL for 15% off!!

Note: #partnered post. As a Kingsford Ambassador, I will always be bringing you the latest and greatest info on Kingsford Charcoal and Pellets news.

The custom Star Wars Santa Sleigh not included, if you want one you’ll have to ask my husband! Lol

Tin Can Camper Ginger Bread Kit – ya’ll know I’m a Camper enthusiast, you may have even read about my camper renovation here. This gingerbread kit is for those camper enthusiasts like myself. 

https://www.instagram.com/reel/CHsHoeShtKI/?igshid=1sbqaohgcdt4c – check out this reel if you want a good laugh!!!

American/Canadian Biker Beer Can Chicken– let’s face it, 2020 has been a tough year, we could all use something funny in our life, and these beer can chicken stands are exactly that. I am getting these for just about everyone in my life.

Angus Beef from Felton Angus BeefYour Family Rancher – these guys are the real deal and you can tell they treat their Angus Beef with love and care. I’m a big fan of their beef and the family behind them and you can get a gift certificate for people in your life who have discerning taste in beef. You can even participate in a cow share!  

Use code #GRILLGIRLROBYN for 10% off


Duck Fat Spray– this is what all the people on the Steak Cook Offs use to cook the perfect steak.


Hamama MicroGreens – I ordered these on a whim and I can’t tell you how much joy they bring me! These little microgreens sprout in 7-10 days and pack a nutritional punch. These are a great way to easily get more greens in your diet, and if you’re an instagrammer like me, they are also a great way to get a pinch of green into your food photos.

Use the code SUPERGREENS for 10% off.

Hawaiian Sea Salt – Ya’ll know I’m a salt snob (you can read everything about the different types of salt here) and love the story behind how their deep ocean sea salt coupled with the evaporative process creates mineral rich, flavorful salts. You can read more about their story and array of salts here.


If you are looking to show how much you really care, homemade gifts are the way to go. Some of my favorite DIY gifts for the holidays or anytime include:



My preserved Meyer Lemons in front of my Meyer Lemon tree. Dogs in the background not included! 🙂




WHAT ARE YOU GIFTING THIS HOLIDAY? Leave me a comment below!

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