Ever wonder if you can make more than just your main dish on your grill? You definitely can!

Cooking sides and desserts on your grill is easy and you don’t have to keep running back and forth from the grill to your kitchen. You can even incorporate grilling when making a cocktail! Just check out my recipes for a Grilled Paloma and a Smoked Margarita with Smoked Jalapeño Simple Syrup!

I love using my cast iron skillet to make grilled cobblers. Using fresh, in-season fruits and minimal ingredients, these grilled cobblers turn out delicious and they are nearly impossible to screw up!

Prepping your cast iron skillet

A good cast iron skillet is already seasoned, but for this recipe, you’re going to add some butter because you don’t want the cobbler sticking to the pan.

Deciding on fruit combinations

Start with four cups of whatever fruit you like or whatever fruit is in season. You can use four cups of the same fruit or combine multiple fruits. If you’re using a bigger fruit, cut up the fruit into bite-sized pieces.

In this video, I used peaches and blueberries, which made a delicious pairing and I would recommend trying it! I’ve also made cobblers using blueberries, strawberries and coconut in my Red, White and Blue Cobbler, and mango and guava in my Mango Guava Cobbler.

Sweetening it up

In your bowl of fruit, add about two tablespoons of butter and two tablespoons of sugar. If the fruit you’re using is ripe, you probably don’t need more than a couple tablespoons because the fruit will be sweet enough on its own.

When I add sugar to a dish, I love using a smoked sugar to add a smoky flavor to the cobbler. My favorite smoked sugar is from Bourbon Barrel Foods, but you can substitute brown sugar if you don’t have smoked sugar.

Add a swizzle of honey to the bowl of fruit for a bit of added sweetness and just because honey makes everything better. I recommend purchasing local honey.

Add a couple dashes of cinnamon and about a tablespoon of vanilla extract for added flavor. 

No pre-prep work needed

It’s best to make the filling for this cobbler right before you’re about to put it on the grill because once you add sugar to fruit, it becomes wet and you don’t want an overly juicy and soggy cobbler.

Use a large spoon to mix up the ingredients. 

The batter

For this batter, I used a 99-cent box of Jiffy golden yellow cake mix and followed the directions on the box, but you can use whatever cake mix you like. If you’re gluten-free or paleo, you can use what works best for you and it will be just as delicious.

cobbler on the grill

Prepping the grilled cobbler

Pour the bowl of fruit mixture into the cast iron skillet. The butter you added in the beginning will still be mostly in tact, but don’t worry because it will melt when you put it on the grill.

The next step is to pour the batter onto the fruit mixture in the cast iron skillet and mix it all up.

Cooking your cobbler

If you watched my other Grill School videos, you learned about indirect and direct grilling zones. This cobbler is going to go on the indirect zone on your grill. Think of the indirect zone like cooking in your oven.

Let the cobbler cook for about 35 minutes in the grill or until the top of the cobbler is browned and bubbling. Take it off of the grill, let it cool, serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you’re ready to dig in!

Modifying the recipe

If you don’t want to add as much sugar or sweeteners, feel free to just use fruit and batter to make this super easy grilled cobbler. The fruit will be sweet on its own and the dessert will be just as good without the extra ingredients!

If you want to kick things up a notch, you can also add in some alcohol, like I did in my Hickory Bourbon Apple Cobbler and in my Mango & Coconut Rum Cobbler

Cobbler on the Grill

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