Deep in the heart of Texas, Kathy Pullin is bringing love to the grilling game in more ways than one.

Well-known for her competitive BBQ prowess and savory seasonings, Kathy Pullin shined bright in the Lone Star State since her first entry in a competition saw her land at last table.

“American Royal is where I got my teeth cut,” Kathy Pullin told Robyn Lindars during her Girls Who Grill interview. “I’m cooking ribs and I’m cooking a side dish. [The guys] burnt their ribs, they burnt their side dish and guess who they turned in? Mine! I got final table on my ribs at the American Royal on the first time! I was hooked!”

Getting called in from the bullpen and hitting a homerun at her first at bat? Yup, she knocked it out of the park. Some stories you just couldn’t write any better.

Cooking on a kettle and smoking the competition, she’s been touring the competitive circuit and selling her own rubs to rave reviews.

Kathy Pullin from Team Sassy

What’s even more important? Kathy Pullin is changing the lives of many by not just cooking with love but leading with love, too.

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Ribs with Heart

The leader of her BBQ crew, Team Sassy, Kathy Pullin is a domestic violence survivor that’s proving a woman can hang in a male dominated industry. A loving member of the very competitive but very loving BBQ community, Kathy gives back a portion of sales from her catering and seasoning earnings to the Domestic Violence shelters in Guadalupe County.

“We need more shelters, we need more awareness and it’s only going to happen with people stepping up and speaking out,” says Kathy.

And as Kathy says, she does.

Raising money and raising awareness, she’s getting support from men and women in the BBQ community. Her love for all and from all members of the BBQ community proves that we’re all in this together and that not all men are bad – a sad narrative that sometimes stems from domestic violence fallout.

“We’re family,” says Kathy about her BBQ family. “They’re always available to help.”

Because of this, she’s making sure anyone – men and women alike – can speak out against domestic violence, share their stories and better help others.

Kathy Pullin Pitmaster Girls Who Grill Interview

“We all have a story, whether it be abuse, family troubles or whatever it may is,” reflects Kathy Pullin. “It’s good to share stories because stories are healing, and stories help others.”


Sharing Stories & More

While Kathy Pullin is sharing stories, she’s also sharing recipes. As GrillGirl Robyn found out in her chat with the pitmaster, this ranges from her mouth-watering appetizers to her beloved main courses.

Yup, all the favorites are up for grabs.

Kathy Pullin’s personal favorite? Candy pork belly – better known as Decadence on a Stick – is a crowd pleaser from Kathy.

“I can buy 90 lbs. of pork belly and it’s gone in two hours,” says Kathy with a smile.

Kathy Pullin Pork Belly

Trust us, our smiles are just as big.


Catering Queen

As discussed, Kathy Pullin both tours on the competitive circuit for BBQ and caters special events ranging from Domestic Violence Awareness fundraisers to weddings.

In fact, a recent family wedding was perhaps her largest, most challenging job yet.

Catering a wedding for a relative, Kathy fed 450 people with three menus to appease all attendees. Kathy cooked everything from chicken nuggets for the kids to pork tenderloin for the bridal party. More impressive? She did it all by herself.

“That was a chore,” Kathy says with a laugh.

So, want to cater like Kathy?

Here are two of her go-to favorites from catering that cover the bases on appetizer and main course. Keep your eyes open for the special ingredient.

Kathy’s Go-To Catering Favorites

  • Jalapeño Poppers – Buying peppers the size of her hands, Kathy makes sure her mouth-watering jalapeño poppers are so big they get eyes to light up while mouths water. You’re gonna need a cold glass of water to wash down those poppers.
  • Brisket – Tender and juicy, the lean and the fatty brisket by Kathy both get the people going. Why is that? She cooks with a special ingredient. “It’s called the love that I put in, you’ve gotta put love,” shares Kathy. “You can cook, but if you cook with love it tastes better.” Put your heart into any of your dishes and all of your guests will taste the difference.


Embrace the Pit

Here for the smoke, Kathy Pullin is making sure that women aren’t afraid of the grilling scene – especially smokers and charcoal grilling. “Get to know your product,” advises Kathy.

“Once you’ve got that you can master it.”

A stigma suggests some woman may be afraid of hitting the pit. Why? Not only does history teach us that women have been baking everything from bread to pie in the pit since the pit existed, it’s also no different than kitchen appliances when considering what can be made with the heat.

“You can make anything you cook on your oven or stovetop on a pit,” Kathy tells women weary of cooking with the coals.

Kathy Pullin and BBQ Family

When considering Kathy’s competitive grilling pedigree and catering excellence, who can argue with her advice?


Keeping up With Kathy Pullin

Want Kathy Pullin to come to your home in Texas for some live Lone Star State seasoning? Yup, Kathy makes house calls. She’s currently working with a woman at her home in San Antonio sharing her tricks of the trade.

You can also cook like Kathy on your own. Pullin Premium Rubs are available at HEB stores in Texas in New Mexico and also online at

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Turkey Lasagna Wonton Cups recipe by Kathy Pullin

Turkey Lasagna Wonton Cups

Whether you’re just getting started or consider yourself a pro, we can all learn a lot from Kathy Pullin. The leader of Team Sassy has shared her beloved Turkey Lasagna Wonton Cups Recipe with us. 

Kathy Pullin’s Turkey Lasagna Wonton Cups

Read the recipe right here on and get ready to chow down!


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