Have you ever asked yourself, what’s the proper internal temp for chicken, pork or ground beef? Or, what is the internal temperature for a medium rare steak?! With the BBQ Calculator on GrillGirl.com, you can easily find the right temperature for whatever protein or cut you are grilling or smoking! And it works on any phone or device!!

Monitoring the protein’s internal grilling temperature while cooking ensures you cook it perfectly each time! I recommend using an internal meat thermometer such as the Thermapen or the Thermopop to do this. 

Go to https://grillgirl.com/bbq-calculator/ , select what type of protein or cut of meat you’re grilling and this tool will tell you the proper internal temperature you need to meet. It also tells you what woods pair well with what protein you’re smoking and gives you recipe ideas!

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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