For the novice, grilling fish can end in a crumbly disaster. Despite the intention to eat a healthy, protein-packed meal, many never learn how easy it is to grill fish the right way.

As we continue my Grill School series, here are three ways to master the art of grilling fish.

Grilling fish in a steamer packet

A little aluminum foil and a simple mix of butter, herbs, and spices are all you need to get started. I regularly cook with Mahi, although wild cod or whatever is local to you can be just as delicious.  

Simply lay the fish in the compound butter of your choosing, close it up, and toss it on the grill. Adding a little sea salt before it goes on the grill can also be a nice touch.

The foil will help the fish cook evenly without burning while also packing in the flavor.

On direct heat, your steamer packet should be done in minutes.

Cedar-planked grilled fish

It may sound fancy, but grilling fish on a cedar plank is incredibly easy.

One important thing to remember is to soak the cedar plank a half-hour before you’re ready to grill.

Once your plank is ready, add your fish and a healthy dab of compound butter (or whatever you prefer).

Here, I put the cedar-planked fish on an indirect grilling zone. This will smoke the fish and deliver a knockout flavor, making it well worth the few extra minutes.

Grilling your fish on a bed of lemons

Another outstanding method for grilling fish is to simply cut up lemons and place them directly on the grate. This provides a nice little barrier for your fish that will help keep it moist as it cooks.

Just toss your fish on top of your bed of lemons and add your compound butter or other flavorings.

Over direct heat, you’ll want to keep an eye on your fish; it won’t be long until your perfectly grilled fish is ready for the table.

However you choose to cook your fish, you’ll want to keep a trusty meat thermometer on hand. When the fish looks like it might be done, you’ll be looking for around 145 degrees.

One thing to keep in mind is that your fish will continue to heat as you pull it off, so you might be close enough only a few degrees below your target.

And once you’ve perfected these three simple methods, grilled fish can be a reliable part of your grilling rotation.

Smoked Fish Dip

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