In the early days of GrillGirl, Back in 2010, I started teaching “Women’s Grilling Clinics“, to teach women the basics of grilling and to not be intimidated by cooking over fire.

After the popularity of these classes, I decided to make a series of videos to empower anyone to learn the fundamentals of grilling.

In this 9-part videos series, you’ll learn the basics of grilling in short 2-3 minute videos, that will give you the foundation for cooking anything on the grill!

Grill School video series by Grill Girl Robyn

Now, you can join me for a class in my backyard from anywhere. So grab yourself a glass of wine and let’s do some grilling!

Here are all the GRILL SCHOOL Videos

That’s right, all of them! From A to Z, to kick off your grilling journey! Now, You’ll be the hosting the neighborhood’s hottest cookouts!


GrillGirl Recipes on YouTube

Now that you’ve learned the basics, I’ve got plenty of recipes to try out on the grill! I’ve got everything from grilled romaine to Baby Back Ribs on your charcoal grill!

Plus, about a gazillion Chicken Wing recipes, like this Lemongrass Cilantro and Garlic Grilled Chicken Wings recipe because who doesn’t love chicken wings on the grill?

I also have grill specific tutorials and recipes, such as my Big Green Egg series, teaching you everything you need to know about Kamado-style cooking!

If you know someone who wants to learn how to grill, do them a favor and share the GRILL SCHOOL video series with them!, learn to grill, video series title image

What would you like to see me make videos about next? Let me know in the comments!