Here it is! The 2018 Foodie and Grilling Gift Guide is here! This is an eight-year-old old tradition where I share my favorite grills, gadgets, and products in my annual gift guide. Everything here has been tested by me, and hail as some of my longstanding favorites as well as some new additions to the list as I continue to discover new products worthy of sharing with you!

So here’s a Top 10 list divided by grills, kitchen gadgets, and stocking stuffers (plus a few DIY ideas at the end)!


pk 360 grill reviewPK Grill: If you read my review earlier this year, you’ll see I’m a big fan of the PK 360 Charcoal Grill. The PK has been around a long time and has made a comeback in a big way thanks to their excellent cooking abilities and insulation properties. You can buy an entry-level PK around $399 or opt for the super sexy PK 360 that is loaded with extras and classifies as “Patio Bling” at a price point of $699.99.

Green Mountain Grill Wifi Enabled Pellet Smoker: Everyone thinks Traeger when they think Pellet Smoker, but Green Mountain Grill is the better option when choosing one. They offer a wide arrange of sizes and wifi enabled pellet smokers to fit your desired size and budget. Green Mountain Grills are only sold at dealers, which means you come with the support network of buying from a dealer who can give support and guidance as well as peace of mind with your purchase. Here is my review of the Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boon. Also, I have developed a series of recipes just for the pellet smoker you can find here.

Pit Barrel Cooker (Regular and Junior): The Pit Barrel has made my list three years in a row because it’s an awesome cooking machine! This barrel cooker allows you to grill on the grates as well as smoke meats and food by hanging vertically, much like a rotisserie, for amazing (and quick!) results. There are copycats out there but there is only one Pit Barrel- feel good about buying from a veteran-owned company!

nexgrill fortress reviewNexGrill Fortress: If you are looking for a smaller, portable grill for tailgating or because you live in a condo or apt, the Nexgrill Fortress is a high-quality grill. You can read our full review here.

Kitchen Accessories

If you haven’t bought a Thermapen MK4 yet then what the heck are you waiting for? This is the latest and greatest Thermapen that has ever been available; in addition to three-second thermometer readings, it’s waterproof and backlit for grilling in the dark. At $91, these are a great investment.


Cangshun Knife Set: I bought this knife set for myself earlier this year as I embarked on a major cooking project (can’t say what it is but let me just say it involved doing a LOT of cooking and recipe development-  stay tuned for an announcement regarding this in the spring of next year!) and these knives have gone the distance. I have a few good knives in my repertoire but was in need of a new “set,” and these look amazing on my countertop while also being comfortable and easy to cut with. They use German steel and Japanese design at an affordable price. These knives have dropped to $129 since I initially purchased them for $199, which makes them a great value in my book. I love that these came in white to match my kitchen too! Yes!

Moccamaster Coffee Pot: My coffee pot died earlier this year and I decided to up the ante and buy this beautiful Danish coffee pot that has gotten a ton of compliments sitting on my kitchen counter. It brews a great cup of Eurpoean style coffee, not without a higher price tag but worth it in my book. Also, I’m not going to lie, half the reason I bought this is that it matches my kitchen colors. For something permanently occoupying space in the most used room in my house, that was important to me.

Stocking Stuffers

Yeti Wine Cups: If you’re like me, you really only drink out of Yeti Tumblers because no one likes a warm drink. And, being the redneck that I am, I also really hate it when my white wine gets warm, so I put an ice cube in it. Having a yeti wine glass eliminates the need to put that ice in. In addition, it’s super durable for taking on the go or outside. I live outside pretty much year round, so my wine glasses need to be able to go the distance whether inside or outside, and these can. I’m gifting these to a ton of people this year.

Keith Lorren’s CBD Oil infused Canna BBQ Sauce and Hot Sauce: Keith Lorren is an accomplished chef and spice curator, and I’m a fan of all of his rubs and spices, but his CBD oil infused BBQ sauce and hot sauce are two of my latest obsessions. If you are not aware of what CBD oil is why it is good for you, check out this video. CBD oil has a ton of therapeutic properteries that help your body fight inflammation, anxiety, stress, and operate more efficiently. It’s awesome to easily add more to your diet in the form of BBQ and hot sauce, something you consume regularly. CBH has NO THC in it, so don’t worry- it’s perfectly legal and totally good for you!


Smoker Tubes: Smoker Tubes are another of my latest obsessions because they easily add smoke to anything- whether you’re cooking on gas or need to add additional smoke flavor when using a smoker. For example, if you are using gas, you won’t get smoke flavor, but if you add a smoker tube filled with woodchips or pellets, you’ll have the added bonus of smoky flavor. In addition, when doing things like smoking salt or pepper in your pellet smoker, which can be hard to get as smoky as you would like, the smoker tube is the key to success.

DIY Gifts:

lemon finishing salts, how to make finishing salts

Finishing salts, such as the lemon finishing salt show here, are a great way to add extra ZING to any dish!

Make your own artisanal seasoning salts- perfect for gifting! Here is my Citrus Finishing Salt recipe, you can also do Rosemary lemon, orange oregano- get creative!


Oyster Shell Salt Cellar_DIY Salt Cellar

DIY Salt Cellars: I give you the step by step on how to make these- it only takes a bit of spray paint and food safe shellac and voila- these are awesome gifts – pair with sea salts above!

DIY Smores kits

Make someones Holiday “Merry and Bright” with the gift of roasted marshmallows paired with gourmet chocolate!

DIY Smores Kits: What better way to take advantage of your grill than a Smore’s Kit? Details here!

And if you still need more ideas, check out previous years Grilling Gift Guides for more inspiration!

Happy Holidays from my family to yours- I feel blessed and thankful for you, my readers! This blog is for you!

**Affiliate links have been used in this post, which means I could make a small commission if any products are purchased. I only recommend products that I personally use and endorse.

“GrillGirl” Robyn Lindars.

Robyn Lindars

GrillGirl” Robyn Lindars, has been writing about healthy Grilling and Smoking since 2008 when she started her award-winning blog Robyn regularly competes on a Competition BBQ Team alongside her dad at Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Cooking Competition, aka “The Superbowl of Swine”, and has been instrumental in exposing women to the world of grilling by regularly teaching women’s focused grilling classes. Robyn has competed on Chopped Grillmasters, was featured as the new face of Grilling on the Cooking Channel’s Foodography, and has cooked pizza on live television alongside Carson Daly on the Today Show. Robyn has developed recipes for brands such as Kingsford Charcoal, Walmart, Smithfield, Stubb’s BBQ Sauce, Green Mountain Grills and many more. Robyn lives in South Florida with her husband, son and 2 dogs. She owns 12 grills and counting.
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