The Nexgrill Outdoor Table Top Grill has a body made of stainless steel. Two burners deliver 8,000 BTUs each for a total of 16,000 BTUs. The ignition system is a push-and-turn piezo-type. There is one igniter for each burner. Each burner is covered by a Flame Tamer, which protects the burner while evenly distributing the heat and preventing flare-ups.

The burner and the Flame Tamer.

The grill itself is about 20” x 22” x 16”. The cooking area is 184 sq in. of stainless steel wrapped cooking grate. The Outdoor Table Top Grill is set up to run off a 20 lbs. propane tank. (Adaptors for 1 lb. tanks are available from Nexgrill for around 15 bucks.) It weighs in at about 20 lbs, and the price point is 99.00 at the time of this writing.

The Outdoor Table Top Grill is designed so you can stand the grill up on its back while the Flame Tamers and cooking grate stay in place. There are two spring-loaded latches to hold the lid down, so you can carry it like a suitcase. The legs fold in quickly, making this grill easy to place on a shelf while taking up minimal space. Nexgrill products are regularly available at Home Depot. They are also available at Costco on a seasonal basis. You can also find them online at Amazon and Wayfair as well.

Easy! No tools needed. The legs pop right into place. Drop in the Flame Tamers, set the cooking grate, and slid in the drip tray. Then slide on the gas control valves. I think it took longer to get the grill out of the box than it did to assemble it!

Fire it up:
The Nexgrill Outdoor Table Top Grill lights up with a twist of the burner control. It heats up fast and seems to run fairly even from side to side as far as the heat goes. There is no built-in thermometer in this grill, but I honestly don’t see where it’s necessary. It’s a nice little cooker.

Bottom Line:
I’m really attracted to this shape of portable grill. The Nexgrill Outdoor Table Top Grill has a great price point. It’s lightweight, transports easily, and stores efficiently. I think the weight listed in the specs may actually be the shipping weight. I didn’t go so far as to throw this grill on a scale, but I believe it’s less than 20 lbs.

You can hit Home Depot and grab this grill on the way a party and fire it up when you arrive. The Flame Tamer and cooking grate lift out easily for cleaning. With proper care and storage, this little grill could last you a long time. I’d be keeping my eyes open for one as fall sales of grills and accessories kick into gear. You may be able to get this little grill for a song!

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