*****GIVEAWAY FINISHED: Thank you to all who participated- Chris Gust is the Winer- look for more giveaways coming soon!”

GrillGirl has a new look and feel! What do you think? I’m hoping this site encourages you to sit back, crack open a beer, and stay a while! And to celebrate, I’m partnering with some friends to celebrate by giving away a Green Mountain Grill Davy Crocket Pellet Smoker, Thermoworks Thermopop meat thermometer and a nice suite of spice rubs from Meat Church to help you on your grilling journey!

About these products:

The Green Mountain Grill is, in my opinion, the best Pellet Smoker out there, and the Davy Crocket is a wifi enabled pellet smoker that is perfect for tailgating, RVing, or pellet smoking from wherever life may take you. It will even hook up to your car battery to truly smoke anywhere!

The Thermopop is a handy pocket sized instant read thermometer that will give 3-4 second readings from any direction! It is backlit for grilling in dark conditions as well as being water resistant.

Meat Church is giving away a trio of their popular rubs: The Gospel, Holy Cow, Honey Hog BBQ, and Holy Gospel so you are ready to go with rub for any situation!

How to enter?:

Subscribe to updates to this site! The login is below! That is all! And if you are already subscribed then please leave a comment so I know you have already subscribed and I will make sure you are in the winner’s lottery!

Thanks for participating in this giveaway and best of luck!! Contest runs until Friday, August 17th- winner will be announced at end of day! You can choose your color of Thermopop and Grill and everything will be shipped to you!