Kingsford recently announced their partnership with Trae Fuels to bring you a premium cooking pellet. Kingsford Premium Wood Pellets are 100% natural hardwood cooking pellets with no undisclosed filler, additives, or oils. Kingsford Premium Wood Pellets are available in five flavors: oak, hickory, cherry, apple, and a competition blend of 45% oak, 45% hickory and 10% cherry.

The sample I received was The Competition Blend. I was pretty excited to get these in the Green Mountain Grill and give them a go.

I ran straight to the market and grabbed some boneless pork loin chops. I selected this lean cut for my trial, as it would really give me a good sense of the smoke flavor provided by the Kingsford Premium Wood Pellets. For the same reason, I skipped any heavy seasoning. Just salt, fire, and smoke for this test.

Boneless pork loin chops are a good choice for getting a sense of the smoke flavor.

Right off the bat, the Kingsford Premium Wood Pellets gave a perfect light blue smoke on startup, as well as the entire cook. That not always the case with pellets. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by the consistency of the exhaust smoke for the entire cook.

That light blue smoke is a hallmark of good smoking.

I ran the loin chops on the GMG at 225°f until they reached an internal temperature of 145°f. Flipping them over once during the process. Yes, I used a Thermapen to do the checking.

The Kingsford Premium Wood Pellets gave a great smoke flavor. The Competition Blend has a really nice, balanced smoke that I loved. Pellet smokers often give off a bit less smoke than other types of smoker, partly because of the extremely efficient way in which they burn the fuel. My preliminary test indicates that Kingsford and Trae have worked on addressing this.

Smoked to perfection!

Kingsford Premium Wood Pellets are currently available at select Lowes and Cabela’s stores, as well as on Amazon. I recently heard an interview with Trae Fuels General Manager Chris LaRocco, in which he stated that the availability at Lowes will continue to increase. This is great news for us. This could be the first high-quality, premium pellet available on a national scale.

At Lowes stores, the 10lbs bags are $11.99. There is a 20-lb bag available on Amazon for $21.99; it looks like these are not Amazon Prime. Here’s a link to the current Kingsford Smoking Pellets Availability Map.

I’m really looking forward to trying out all the wood flavors that Kingsford Premium Wood Pellets has to offer. Kingsford has been around for nearly 100 years, providing a consistent product you can count on again and again. I have no doubt that Kingsford Premium Wood Pellets will continue to provide this high-quality consistency. It’s just one less thing I have to worry about, so I can focus on the food. To learn more about these new pellets: click here.

I invite you to check these pellets out and let me know your thoughts.

Until next time, happy grilling!


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GrillGirl Contributor, Jon Solberg.

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