I love meat on a stick. There is just something fun about pairing different flavors on a skewer and grilling them up to perfection, letting their unique flavors meld together over the fire of the grill. There are so many delectable combinations for a skewer, but I’ve narrowed it down to the five best skewer recipes that you simply have to try:

5. Rosemary Lemon Shrimp Skewers

These shrimp skewers define the term “presentation.”

Rosemary and lemon make up an out of this world flavor combination that works really well on both seafood and poultry. For this recipe, the rosemary serves as both a source of herbaceous smoke flavor, an herb in the marinade, as well as the actual skewer for the shrimp, which makes for an AWESOME presentation on and off the grill. Find the recipe here!

4. Pinoy Pork Skewers

These skewers are going to make you a hit at your next cookout!

I found this recipe on Filipino Food Lovers and I’m in love! Ensuring the internal temperature of pork is important; I like to use the Thermapen Mk4Find the recipe here!

3. Salsa Skewers

Grilled fruit and veggies kick up salsa a few notches!

Nothing takes a salsa from “good” to “WOW” faster than smokiness off the grill. This was the inspiration for my “salsa skewers.” Find the recipe here!

2. Thai Peanut Chicken, Vidalia Onion, and Zucchini Skewers

Thai Peanut Chicken, Vidalia Onion, and Zucchini Skewers. Delicious!

In this recipe, the chicken is marinated in a flavorful Thai Peanut satay sauce, then grilled on skewers with sweet Vidalia onions and zucchini. Additional sauce is served for dipping and is a great compliment to a rice side dish. Find the recipe here!

1. BBQ Chicken, Peach, and Poblano Skewers

bbq chicken skewers

Stubb’s BBQ Chicken paired with peaches and poblano peppers- the perfect mix of sweet and heat!

For these skewers, I paired chicken marinated in Stubb’s Original BBQ sauce (Stubb’s is my go-to store bought BBQ sauce), paired with the subtle heat of poblano peppers, peaches, and red onions. It is a great combination of sweet and slightly spicy. Find the recipe here!

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