Here are some of my favorite grills and grilling related items- perfect for a Foodie Father’s Day gift!

Green Mountain Grill Pellet Smoker

Yes, everyone knows about Traeger; they sell them at Costco and they have infomercials on TV. But the best Pellet grill to get the most bang for your buck is the Green Mountain Grill. You can buy these from authorized dealers who will give you the skinny on how to get started being a bonified pellet head. Once you cook your first rack of ribs on these, you’ll know what all the hype is about!

Yeti Coffee Cup

We all love our Yeti Ramblers, and now you can keep your coffee hot is this cool mug. I’m sure an old-fashioned would do well in here too.

Thermapen MK4

The Thermapen MK4 is the best of the best of all the thermapens that have ever been built. 3-second temp readings, waterproof, rotating display, and backlit for cooking in the dark.

PK Grill 360

pk 360 grill review

For the dad who loves a perfectly cooked steak. This grill is also great for smoking, as its cast aluminum makes for great heat retention. The retro styling looks sexy in your backyard too!

Flame Boss BBQ Controller

If Dad loves to smoke meat, the Flame Boss will help him reach perfection. The flame boss monitors the grill temp and internal meat temp and also keeps the grill going to stay consistent It’s wifi-enabled so you can monitor your cook on the go and track your progress from afar.

Tuffy Stone’s New Book

If you want to learn BBQ, learn from the best! Tuffy is not only one of the winningest guys in BBQ, he is also a super nice person, humble in his ways, and a French-trained chef to boot. He is the real deal!

Lodge Sportsman’s Charcoal Grill

If dad loves cooking on cast iron, this grill is for him. This hibachi is portable and offers excellent grill marks and heat retention, just like you’d expect from cast iron except in a hibachi-style grill. This is perfect for any time but is portable for tailgating and taking on the go.

Shun Brisket Knife

shun brisket knife

The Shun Brisket knife is great for slicing all kinds of smoked and roasted meat.

If dad loves to smoke meat, this brisket knife is a great addition to your arsenal of cooking knives.

Angel’s Envy Bourbon

This is bourbon for the real bourbon aficionado, straight from Louisville, Kentucky.

BBQ Gift Basket

Impress dad with a basket or chimney starter full of his favorite rubs and cooking supplies!