Memorial Day is nearly here, and what could be better than celebrating this great American holiday by cooking up some burgers on the grill? Here are GrillGirl’s Top 5 burgers to make for Memorial Day:

Red, White, and Blue Burger

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What burger is more patriotic than one representing the colors of the American flag?

On a holiday that exists to observe those who have died in active military service, it’s time to get patriotic. The Red, White, and Blue Burger blends the flavors of blue cheese, smoky mini red peppers, and bacon jam. Yes, bacon jam! Who knew life could be so sweet AND so savory at the same time? See the recipe here!

Bacon, Blue Cheese, and BBQ Bison Burger

bison burgers

These burgers combine sweet, salty, creamy and crunchy in one bite. You WILL eat the whole thing!

When one thinks of a burger, bison may not immediately come to mind, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great choice for your Memorial Day cookout. Bison meat is leaner and more nutrient-dense than beef, and it tastes fantastic when combined with the savory and creamy ingredients on this particular burger. See the recipe here!

Bacon, Pimento Cheese, and Jalapeno Burger

pimento cheese burgers

Bacon, Pimento Cheese and Jalapeno Burger- an ingredient match made in heaven.

Want to spice things up this Memorial Day? This burger is the way to do it. Combining jalapeno with pimento cheese is a marriage of the American south and south of the border, and these flavors come together to pack quite the punch. See the recipe here!

Hawaiian Aloha Chicken Burger with Pineapple Sriracha Mayo Sauce

The Aloha Chicken Burger with its Pineapple Mayo Sauce is a creative way to add some zest to your Memorial Day. Michelle Lara

Hawaii may have been the last star added to the American Flag, but that doesn’t mean a Hawaiian-style burger can’t be the star of the show on Memorial Day. This certainly isn’t your traditional American burger, but give it a try if you’re looking to make a splash! See the recipe here!

Hawaiian Grilled Pineapple and Pepper Pork Tenderloin Sliders

pork tenderloin sliders_smithfield marinated fresh

Pork sliders? Yes, please!

Another option from the island paradise of Hawaii! These sliders keep with the Hawaiian tradition of using pork, and the grilled pineapple slices make these sweet treats simply irresistible. See the recipe here!

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