women's grilling clinics with grillgirl Robyn lindarsI haven’t done a Women’s Grilling Clinic in a few years (I had a baby and got a little busy after that :)) so I’m happy to announce that Ill be doing two days of Women’s Grilling Clinics at the Ocala Culinary Festival, this Friday April 13th and Saturday, April 14th. I want to give Special thanks to my friends at Kingsford Charcoal for Sponsoring this event- we will be using the hashtag #girlsthatgrill during the class to show off our grilling skills!

If you’ve never been to one of my clinics, well they are just a TON of fun. Think of it as hanging with a bunch of cool chicks around a grill with a glass of wine in your hand, all while learning how to master the grill! I mean, why let all the guys have all the fun, am I right?

I’ve always wondered why more women don’t grill and why it still tends to be a predominantly male endeavor (Yes, I realize there are exceptions) so I started doing these classes (back in 2008!) to teach women how fun and easy grilling can be, while also creating less dishes than cooking in the kitchen!

Ocala culinary festival

Ocala Culinary Festival- a food festival for true Foodies!!

If you’ve never been to Ocala, it is one of the most beautiful parts of Florida – rolling hills and horse country. This festival is for true foodies with some of the best talent the South has to offer- James Beard Award winners and “movers and shakers” in the culinary community, without all the cheesiness of the South Beach wine and food festival.

My classes will be on Friday, April 13th and April 14th, starting at 3pm. There will be wine and beer served as it just seems un-natural to learn to cook without a drink in hand!

You can sign up for the Kingsford “Girls That Grill” Women’s Grilling Clinic at the links below, it will be hosted by sponsor The Trilogy at Ocala Preserve. We will be grilling on Weber Kettles (Charcoal) and Weber Spirit (Gas) Grills- many thanks to Weber Grills for donating these grills for the event!

Sign Up!  Friday: ; Saturday:

Here is a sample syllabus for the class, we will be doing 4 courses including grilled cocktails, apps, mains, veggies and desserts all on the grill! I will be making minor tweaks to the menu based on feedback of the attendees:

Clinic Syllabus:

Grilling Basics:

  • How to start a Charcoal Grill
  • How to start a Gas Grill

Understanding Direct versus Indirect Cooking and creating “Zones” on your grill

  • Direct Versus Indirect Zones
  • The Reverse Sear

Tools of the Trade:

  • Different types of Charcoal: briquettes versus lump
  • Thermometers
  • Other cool gadgets you can’t live without

If you live within driving distance of Ocala and have been wanting to learn to grill, I highly recommend you attend! My previous attendees have told me that after attending my class they are “the go-to grillers in their group of friends” and “grill all the time”!

If you want to make a weekend out of it, come to Ocala for the weekend, attend my clinic on Saturday, and then do the Grand Tasting on Sunday.

Hope to see you there! A good time will be had by all!!

Any questions, feel free to send an email to Robyn.medlin@gmail.com