In the world of BBQ and grilling it’s not too often that you can say “now that’s new”. For the most part, there is not much that hasn’t been done by someone somewhere.  Then I saw this little grill, the GoBQ.  I need to give a thank you to my fellow Amazing Ribs Pit Club member RonB for bringing it to my attention.

Thank you Ron B!

So, what is the GoBQ? It is a 14”x14” light weight portable grill. Here’s what separates this from the pack of portable grills. The GoBQ is made of fabric. That’s right, silicone coated, flame and heat resistant fabric.  The same stuff they make grill mats and oven conveyor belts for the food industry.  Then when you’re done cooking on it you dump the coals, fold it up and put it away. It is a first of its kind.

The GoBQ began life in a INDIEGOGO campaign.  That campaign has since ended and the GoBQ is available for purchase on it’s site.    I only mention this because I’m not really a fan of jumping on board crowd funding campaigns mainly due to my terrible luck with many that shall remain nameless. GoBQ ran the gauntly of CF and now have this grill on the market.

Here’s an overview:

  • Brazier type grill well suited for direct style cooking.
  • Weight- 9lbs
  • Cooking grate- 14”X14” 196 sqin.
  • Set up- 20 seconds. I must admit the first time may have taken me 45 seconds but remember I’m slow.
  • Compact- Folds up to 17% of its open size.
  • Cool touch handle on the sides and lid. While I do not recommend it, I moved that lit grill around the test area with no issue.

The plated steel cooking grate unrolls and locks securely in place. You can still lift one side to add fuel if you need to. The charcoal basket is a sort of chainmail sheet which clips in the 4 corners of the grill body. There is an added layer of fabric in the belly of the grill, the ember guard, which is held in place with 4 snaps, one in each corner.

The GoBQ is ready to go right out of the box, no tools required. I set it up before I read the instructions, the setup is quick and easy. Clean the GoBQ is as easy as can be.  There is tons of great information at the GoBQ website on just how to get started and maintain the grill.

Super cool factor aside here’s where this grill shines in my opinion:

I love to spend time outdoors and I often have equipment that I keep under the back seat of my vehicle just in case I want to camp or spend some time outdoors – boots, warm gloves, tow strap, rain gear and a jump starter. Now I can add a grill to my arsenal.  I’m always ready for burgers or steak no mater where I travel.

The GoBQ will be an easy add to my ice fishing gear. The days of bungee cords and constantly looking back to be sure my old portable grill is still in my sled are over.   If you’re a city dweller this grill has lots of advantages for you as well. This thing fits in a draw when folded up. It is easily cleanable in the kitchen sink.  I’ve done several cooks with the GoBQ and have cleaned it after each use. So far there is no noticeable grill stink.

Bottom line: I find this grill enchanting. It’s well built and worked as advertised. So far, I’ve prepared the usable brazier items, steak, chicken, burgers, brats and dogs. While it is a grill and not a smoker. I’m looking forward to working with the GoBQ just to see what it can so with some indirect cooking.  I can’t wait.  I encourage you to head over to GoBQ’s website and check it out for yourself.

GrillGirl’s newest contributor, Jon Solberg.

 Jon Solberg, Expert Outdoor Cook who Makes His Own Charcoal!

Enjoys long walks on the beach and good comedy….. Just kidding! A student all things outdoor cooking. Both low and slow or hot and fast. Charcoal, wood or gas it doesn’t matter. Not a big believer in the dogma of outdoor cooking. Continually looking for different ways. Loves to restore grills and smokers of all kinds. Born and raised in Mid-Michigan and understands there’s no off season in live fire cooking.









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