GrillGirl’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

I love grilling, I love food, and I love shopping so I put together my list of favorite things for the foodies in your life for the Holidays… So here are some of my favorite grills, gadgets and thoughtful gift ideas, including homemade gifts because nothing can beat a handmade gift, especially it if came from you!!

Outdoor lifestyle

Living in South Florida is great as you can grill year round, but the year round mosquitos are not so great. I finally broke down and invested in an environmentally friendly mosquito misting installation via Mosquito Nix and it has been a major game changer in my ability to enjoy being outside!



ArtFlame: Unique- wood fired/plancha style grilling!

Green Mountain Wifi Enabled Pellet Smoker/Grill

Plancha Style Grill: Europe’s Best Kept Secret!

PitBarrel Junior: Effortless, portable Barrel cooking!

Limited Edition Weber Kettle

MiniMax BGE: Easy to Transport Eggsperience

Lodge Sportsmen: Cast Iron Hibachi Grilling Perfection!



ORCA is the only RotoMolded High end cooler made in the USA!

Kettle Pizza turns your Kettle grill into a pizza oven!

The Smoke N’ Sear turns a Kettle Grill into a Smoking station as well as a sear station.

Flameboss smoker controller”>

The Flame Boss wifi enables smoker controller will babysit your smoker and meat while so you can multitask. You can remotely monitor your cook from your phone via wifi!

Add smoke to anything with this handheld smoker- great for making smoky cocktails!

Sous Vide is all the rage these days in making meat even more tender before putting it on the grill!

Any serious cook needs a Thermapen– it will give you a 3-second internal temp reading. Perfect for grilling AND Baking!

A lodge 12″ Cast Iron Pan is a welcome addition to any household and can be passed down for generations. They can be used indoors and out and are perfect for searing steaks when the weather outside is crappy.

Shun Brisket Knife- for the person who loves to smoke meat!

Misen Chef Knive- ergonomic, affordable and pretty in your kitchen!

Grilling on a Himalayan Salt plank elevates dishes to new heights! Also great for serving cold dishes like sushi.

Achieve plancha style grilling by putting a cast iron griddle on your grill OR stovetop.

The over the sink (roll up) drainer saves valuable counterspace while also keeping your counters dry. I’m gifting this to everyone this year!



flavor bible

This book teaches you flavor pairings so you know what complements each other so you can easily cook without recipes!

Lior Lev Sarcaz shares his secrets to masterfully blend spices and cook to your full potential!

Effortless, on trend, and classic recipes all at the same time!

Jess is a good friend and a great cook- she’ll show you how to master meat like a boss!

Winning Father Daughter Duo behind 17th St BBQ share their expert BBQ recipes, tips and secrets.

Meathead tells you the science behind smoking and grilling. His recipes are tried and tested by his millions of readers from his website, amazing ribs.


Inexpensive and super fun, vintage cookbooks are thoughtful and unique.

Star Wars Cookie Cutters! Hunter is getting these in his stocking this year!

This flask is perfect for just about anyone.

GrillGirl Sweatshirt & T-shirts!!!

GrillGirl Camo Sweatshirt

All the cool kids wear camo. Plus, when you’re grilling stains blend right in! 🙂

WTF Flamingo Shirt

If you love Flamingos, or cursing, or both, this shirt is for you!

Stocking Stuffers

Dizzy Pig is one of my favorite rub companies, they are junk free and made with high quality ingredients while also being really creative with their flavor profiles! They’re a winner!

Oakridge makes excellent competition ready rubs.

I love all the fun collers Orca Coolers offers with their Chasers, plus, they’re MADE IN THE USA!

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Small batch, Slow cultured butter made from happy cows- no hormones or junk! Great artisanal butters for grilling when you don’t have time to make your own compound butter.

The perfect way to season your cast iron. They come in cool flavors like Coconut! Great gift for the cast iron enthusiast!