I used to be skeptical of pellet smokers until I got one. And then I realized what all the excitement was about. Why do people LOVE their pellet smokers? Because they are sooooo versatile for all types of cooking: Grilling, smoking, roasting, baking… while also being SUPER easy to use.

Many people think of a Traeger when they think of a Pellet Smoker due to the fact that they have run infommercials ad-nauseum, but if you are looking for a step up from the Traeger in terms of quality and built in options like wifi enabled controls and built in temperature monitoring, the Green Mountain Grill is your best choice in the world of Pellet Smokers. The Green Mountain Grills Wifi enabled pellet smoker allows you to control both the cooking temperature remotely with your phone, while also monitoring your internal temp with no additional gadgets as they are already built into the grill! The Green Mountain Grill has an app you can download to make the process super easy- this means you can smoke on the go! Sweet!

wifi enabled pellet grill smoker

The Green Mountain grill has built in wifi, as well as an internal read thermometer so you can monitor your cook on the go! I love being able to multi- task!

Green Mountain Grill Mobile App

The Green Mountain Grill app has “profiles” you can select to give guidance on your cook.

The GMG app has “profiles” you can choose to take the guesswork out of cooking. For example, if you want to cook Pulled Pork, it has a profile with suggested cooking temps, time and internal temperatures. You can also edit profiles according to your preference.

If you would like to better understand how a Pellet Smoker works, my dad wrote a full write up on the basics here, entitled, What is a Pellet Grill/Smoker and How Do they Work?

I have the Daniel Boone Series wood fired pellet smoker, which has 458 square inches of cooking surface. There are some cool features in the Green Mountain Grill, which shows their attention to detail and improvement to common faults of other pellet smokers:

  • Digital control
  • Meat-temperature mode
  • Wifi (you can choose wifi or no wifi models)
  • Peaked lid so you can do stand up chicken or ribs, etc
  • Cool green durable rubber tires
  • Internal thermal sensor to continually monitor ambient temperature
  • Positive pressure hopper fan to prevent burn back
  • “fan only” mode to blow ash out of the firebox after cooking
how does a pellet smoker work

This diagram gives a good understanding of the inner workings of the Daniel Boone Pellet smoker.

Green Mountain Grills are only available via a dealer so plug your zipcode into their website and you can find one near you. The Daniel Boone without wifi is priced at $549, with Wifi around $749. You can test drive a grill at your local dealer to get the full run down on features and a test cook before you buy. My dealer always has a full keg of beer on hand and goodies on the grill on Saturdays which makes for a fun excursion.

Do you have a pellet smoker? What have you cooked on it so far? I’d love to hear about your experiences!