Orca cooler review

I love this seafoam green cooler from Orca- it’s just so sexy! Plus it’s made in America!!

Rotomolded, high end coolers, claiming superior ice retention, are all the rage these days. In fact, they’ve become kind of a “status” symbol of sorts, as they often come with a hefty price tag. But are they worth it?

I got the opportunity to test out the Orca 26 Galloon, Seafoam cooler on a girl’s weekend to the Florida keys in the middle of June. Can we say H-O-T? Scott also took this baby out on a scouting trip to the everglades with the cooler sitting out in the heat on the duck boat. So how did it perform?

Let’s just take a look shall we?

  • Day one you can see we are loaded up with booze and plenty of ice.
  • Day two we still have ice! We drained some of the water out and added a little more ice.
  • Day three- still ice! Impressive!

Orca quotes ice retention for up to 10 days! 10 days!!

Scott took the Orca out on a duck scouting trip in the Everglades. A day in the hot Florida sun and came back with ice! Whoa!



I’ve had a lot of coolers in my day and we all know that after 24 hours the standard cooler is a tub of water at best. I’ve seen ice stay ice up to 72 hours in the Orca (my trip was only 3 days so I couldn’t text up to 10 days! :)). So yes I would say it’s worth the price tag.

Here’s what else is cool about this cooler: (no pun intended!)

Orca Seafoam 26 Quart Cooler

  • The cooler has feet so it is not in contact with the hot ground
  • Drainage spout
  • Handles for easy porting
  • Cargo net attachment- perfect for beer Koozies and a beer key
  • Lid gasket, cool orca handles for super tight seal
orca cooler review

I’m really in love with this sexy cooler but that fact that it’s made in the USA makes it even that more lovable!

At a pricetag of $199 for a 26 quart cooler, I’d say this is a worthy investment. If you look at other rotomolded coolers on the market, this is actually a very competitive price. Also, a BIG factor is that Orca’s coolers are made here in the USA. That’s right, American Made! Everyone else’s coolers are made in China.

orca cooler review

I love the cargo net in the back- great for holding beer koozies or a wine opener!

If you are looking to add a quality, cool rugged cooler to your family, I’d say the Orca is a good investment. They have a lifetime guarantee so you feel good about keeping it for life!

Orca also makes a line of drinkware, like this fun “Chasertini” as well as accessories for their coolers. This “chastertini” has been a fun addition to happy hour!



Note this cooler was given to me in exchange for an HONEST review. I have other rotomolded coolers in my collection for comparison’s sake and really, really like the Orca.

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