memphis in May

It’s that time of year again folks. Time for Memphis in May, also known as The World Championship Barbecue Cooking Competition, aka “The Superbowl of Swine”. Many of you know that this is the annual father daughter event I do with my dad, but this year is extra special for many reasons. This year we have started our own team from the ground up! Meet Porkville Justice League, a team comprised of people from all over the US, with roots in Memphis with Patrick and Val Hilson holding the fort down locally in Memphis.

It has been a pretty cool experience to see the work that goes into starting a team from scratch, let’s call it a labor of love. This wouldn’t have been possible without having a team on the ground local to Memphis to help orchestrate locally. I want to say thanks to all of our sponsors who have helped make this team possible, including Flameboss, Smithfield and Green Mountain Grills.

Memphis in May BBQ comp

this is a pic from back in the day when Dad and I first started competing with the Too Sauced to Pork Team. Now we’ve flown the coop and are out on our own!

Please follow along on Instagram and from my facebook page where I will be giving updates from Memphis and sharing lots of bbq food porn with you! If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to be on a BBQ team, this will be a great opportunity to see it live! I’ve also documented the experience over the years, and have written some great blog posts on what the competition entails from a category and experience standpoint.

If you happen to be in Memphis for the event, please stop by and say hello! We are competing in Shoulder at tent s-336. Stay tuned for some great updates from the Superbowl of Swine!

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