I’ve always wanted a glamper. For the past few years I’ve bought Scott all kinds of RV and Camping Lego sets that now decorate our shelves so maybe I was giving him a subliminal message. There is just something so neat about having a space that is uniquely yours, while also being functional, and portable too!

vintage tin can camper

Hunter thinks the camper is his little house, he loves playing in it!

With 2 people working from home, plus a toddler in a small 3/2 bungalow, sometimes our workspace can feel a little crammed. Scott is newer to working from home, and is working out of the desk in the laundry room- not an ideal situation, while my office is in the guest room. This means whenever we have guests I must also kick them out when I go to work. I digress… the point is I have been craving a space all my own for working…. Which will give everyone a little more space! And the camper was a lot cheaper than embarking on a house addition!

I started searching like crazy on Craigslist, ebay, everywhere and found the gem that is now my glamper. My goal was to find a camper that had a lot of character, but also had already had some work done on it so it wasn’t a huge project and I could start working in it sooner than later. The camper I found is a 1968 Vintage Tin Can Camper made by “Klassic” out of Missourri. It was purchased by a young couple who took it to all the great National Parks from Washington and Florida. They did a great job fixing it up so all that was left for me is a little bit of work and lot of customization.

We already had the perfect place to park the glamper because we have boat parking on the side of the house where we formerly parked our old sailboat which now lives down at Coral Reef Yacht Club. This space was just perfect to park my office!

So, what is next? The glamper is not totally ready for me to work out of it but will be in another few weeks.

  • The biggest change is to the AC unit. It is not in an efficient place so we are reconfiguring. AC is a big deal in South Florida! The second biggest challenge will be making a comfortable desk space…
  • Cushions being recovered- this is currently in progress!
  • AC unit reconfigure means also having to vent the closet it is going in-
  • Desk configuration- one of the bed areas will be turned into the desk area. Need to take the existing plywood and append… stay tuned on this. Currently the existing table area is not super comfy for 8 hours behind a computer!
  • New input for electrical must be purchased at an RV store (previous owner never got it to work but also never looked for the input. Currently it also has a light that works via propane)
  • Epoxy work on one of the walls below a window that leaked at some point
  • New wooden trim where it is breaking off in areas
  • putty and fix blemishes on walls before painting
  • New paint- everything white with accents of teal, pretty much the same as my kitchen!
  • New floors- driftwood color
  • white paint- no more yellow!
  • blue ceiling, like you would see on a front porch

Okay, this may sound like a lot but it’s all pretty doable. I’m lucky I’m married to a guy who is pretty crafty and we have a whole woodshop in the garage. What we don’t have is a ton of time. My end goal is to have this as a really sassy place to work and escape the craziness that is my house. This is also going to be a place where a ton of memories will be made- we can’t wait to take Hunter camping in it! And of course I’m excited to have another place that for endless amounts of throw pillows. Throw pillows make me happy, I envision lots of gold accents in there to go with my mod white/teal color theme.

So what shall we name him/her? I guess only time will tell!

I’ll be posting updates as we fix a few things. The main things that will make things look different will be the paint and floors which won’t happen until all the other stuff gets done.

Do you have any glamper or camper stories? Please share your inspiration!!

Stay tuned for updates!!