memphis in May

Dad and I are heading out to Memphis- look for live updates on instagram from the River! Wish us luck! (photo is from years past)

It’s that time again folks! Dad and I are off to Memphis in May to compete at the World Championship BBQ Contest, also known as the Superbowl of Swine! Going to Memphis in May is like entering a special land of smoked meat. If you have followed the blog over the years, you know this is the father-daughter trip Dad and I take every year for the past 6 years. Last year we skipped because I was incubating Hunter! If you’d like to learn more about Memphis in May and what it involves, I’ve written MANY blog posts on the event over the years, giving a run down of the various food categories with a behind the scenes look at what its like to compete on a competition bbq team.

Drapers BBQ sauce

This is our annual Father-daughter BBQ Trip. This pic was from 2013.

This year we are on a new team, the Down to Smoke BBQ Team with Moe Cason as our fearless leader in the Shoulder Category. You may know Moe from his many accolades in the world of BBQ- he’s won many competitions and you may recognize him for his roles as both competitor and judge on BBQ Pitmasters. Here’s hoping we walk the stage this year!

kettle pizza

The Kettle pizza turns any Weber Charcoal Grill into a pizza oven. Very cool!

We have a cool sponsor called the Kettle Pizza that I’ll be demoing this Friday and Saturday so if you are in the area please come down to check us out at tent S-315 and have some BBQ pizza. The Kettle Pizza is an innovative device that essentially turns your Weber Kettle into a Pizza oven. If you’ve ever tried to do pizza on your grill, you will appreciate the how easy it makes it to produce pizza-oven, wood fire infused pizza on your grill.

Please stay tuned for updates via instagram from Memphis in May where I will be sharing live, behind the scene updates from the competition. Stay tuned for some serious BBQ adventures!