Mojoe Griddle, Plancha griddle, chapa

The Mojoe Griddle is great for cooking outdoors for a crowd. Photo courtest of Mojoe Griddle

I first encountered the “plancha” cooking style when my good friend John Dawson from PatioDaddiobbq gave me Francis Mallmann’s book 7 Fires as a wedding present over 5 years ago. This was fitting at the time as we went to Argentina on our honeymoon and 7 Fires is all about Argentinian style grilling on a “chapa”. A Chapa is like a big metal griddle that is placed over a wood fire. In this method, Francis introduces all kinds of ways to add nice elements of char and flavor by roasting vegetables etc directly in the wood coals and then adding caramelization on the chapa, much the same way you get a nice crust when cooking in cast iron. Cooking on a “plancha” or a big griddle is quite popular in Europe as well and the concept has started to catch on here in the US as well.

Mojoe Griddle

Fajitas on the Mojoe!

So, when I learned about the Mojoe Griddle, essentially a “chapa” you can put over your Weber Kettle, a propane camping stove or as a stand alone cooking surface over a fire, I knew I had to give it a try. The Mojoe Griddle is essentially a 3 Ft steel plate cooking surface that gives awesome caramalization and flavor, essentially it turns your kettle into a chapa. The griddle itself has rods underneath that aid in evenly dispersing heat on the griddle while cooking over a kettle which also helps the griddle stay in place when on top of the kettle. You can place the mojoe griddle directly over a campfire or over a campstove as well to efficiently cook dinner for a crowd offering a versatile cooking experience when cooking outdoors.

Mojoe Griddle, fajitas

Fajitas served family style. We even grilled the tortillas on the Mojoe.

The Mojoe Griddle is made out of 1/4″ thick steel plate, essentially this is the right combo for a great cooking experience as well as making it easy to clean. Cleaning is done using salt and water which is pretty painless to do. Make sure to store the Mojoe Griddle indoors and out of the humidity so you don’t get any rust- this is especially important for those of us in humid clients such as South Florida.

So far I’ve cooked Fajitas on the Mojoe griddle and everything came out great- it was cool to be able to cook down the onions and peppers and then add the meat at the end and cook everything all together versus separately in two pans. My next cook I want to do brunch on the Mojoe Griddle and make pancakes for a crowd. According to Cam Stone, he takes his Mojoe griddle camping and everyone eats like a king!

Stay tuned for more “plancha style” grilling recipes on the Mojoe- can’t wait to try Huevos Rancheros on this thing!