I'm a girl that very much loves pizza, I mean what is there not to love? Crusty bread, melty cheese and the sky is the limit as far as toppings are concerned. If you've every grilled a pizza you know you're in for a treat. I love to grill whatever toppings I can separate and then layer them onto the cheese. It just adds another dimension of grilled goodness.

In an effort to keep things healthier we've been eating Naan {Indian flat bread} at our house. It's great with grilled chicken {great for dipping into Tzakiki sauce!}, sandwiches and in this case pizza!

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GrillGirl.com | Grilled Naan Pizza

Grilled Naan Pizza

  • Author: Robyn


Instead of using a regular dough we used Naan for our grilled veggie + Genoa Salami pizza – you can very easily make your own Naan and if you're doing a Paleo diet here is a great 3 ingredient recipe for you to try!

If you are pressed for time no worries you can find Naan in your local grocery store –  usually by the deli counter in the same area they keep pita bread and other types of flat breads.

Like I said the sky is the limit on toppings but I LOVE grilled veggies so for this version we did grilled red onions, peppers, roasted garlic {I grilled those too!}  and I added a few thin slices of genoa salami to the mix along with some marinara sauce {pesto sauce is a great substitute!} and provolone cheese.

If you are having a party you can create pizza topping stations and everyone can make their own pizza and line them up on the grill.


Preheat your grill to 500 degrees with the hood closed, and place the Naan pizza with the toppings on indirect heat and cover. Stay close by depending on the diameter of your pizza the grill time varies from 6 – 12 minutes. I like a crispier crust so I don't mind some charring on the ends. Let cool, slice and enjoy!

GrillGirl.com | Grilled Naan Pizza

Grilled Naan Pizza: Photo + Recipe by Michelle Lara


Grilled Naan Pizza: Photo + Recipe by Michelle Lara