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One of the best giveaways I’ve done in a while- A Pit Barrel Cooker, A Thermapen and a Standing Rib Roast from Snake River Farms.

This giveaway, in celebration of one of the biggest food celebration holiday of the year, is going to make someone very very happy! This is a seriously awesome giveaway- over $500 dollar retail value! These are some of my FAVORITE products and I know they will be yours too!

Pit Barrel Cooker: The Pit Barrel Cooker is the grill that everyone is talking about these days. I reviewed it here a few years ago, and since then everyone has started cooking on this amazing cooker! Something about the materials, the shape, the way the smoke cooks convection style just makes everything taste AH-MAZING on this grill/smoker. You can hang your meat or grill it on the grill grates- it is super versatile and makes you look like a grilling rockstar because everything you cook on it tastes wonderful. And what is awesome about it is that it is SUPER duper easy to use too! It retails for $299 but you are getting it as the winner of this giveaway!

Thermapen MK4

The new Thermapen MK4 offers longer battery life, rotating display, is waterproof, and also has a backlit display for grilling in the dark. It also auto shuts off to save battery- how awesome!

The New MK4 Thermapen: This is the New, improved Thermapen that is now waterproof, backlit and has a rotating display- it also includes sleep/wake mode. I LOVE the Thermapen and you will too! Take the guess work out of cooking with the Thermapen and never over or under cook anything again! $99 retail value.

OMG- who will be the lucky winner of this beautiful piece of meat!

OMG- who will be the lucky winner of this beautiful piece of meat!

Double R Ranch Standing Rib Roast from Snake River Farms: Have you heard of Snake River Farms before? They offer the highest quality meat you can buy- delivered directly to your door. They offer American Kobe Beef (Wagyu) and Korobuta Pork- the best of the best.  This is “A Northwest beef prime rib with the hearty presentation of a bone-in roast and the easy to carve convenience of a boneless roast. Each roast has the rib bones removed, then tied back into place with butcher’s twine. The rib bones protect the beef from the heat of the oven so the portion of the roast closest to the bones cooks slower and is extra juicy and tender. After removing the roast from the oven and resting, the rib bones can be separated for fast and easy slicing. Each 10 pound roast is aged at least 28 days for delicious flavor and texture.” This rib roast retails for $169 but is on sale until 11/14 for 149. This will make all other rib roasts pale in comparison!!

How to enter- the more you share, the more points you get! That’s all! Happy sharing! Contest winner will be announced on Tuesday, November 17th in time to try out your new goodies for Thanksgiving!
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