Does your backyard look like this?

Does your backyard look like this?

UPDATE—- thanks to all who participated- Cat Cameron is the winner. Thanks for your thoughtful input Cat! Here is Cat’s original comment:

Here in Ohio… HAS been colder than a Witch’s T-T. With that being said….a few of my friends MAY say I am a witch when I conjure up grilled feast….AND I lost one breast to cancer in 2012. There you have the history of this saying….straight from the source…although the “cold never bothered me anyway!”. ;-) Get your GRILL ON!!!


Across the country right now for most of you, it is “colder than a Well Digger’s Ass” and your grill is stuck under a thick blanket of snow. This giveaway is for you! Even though it’s “colder than a penguin’s pecker”, you still get out and light up your grill, regardless of the frigid temps. I put this giveaway together to celebrate those who love to grill so much, they’ll battle the snow and ice to achieve the taste and flavor that can only come from cooking over fire.


This giveaway includes some really good Swag (a $$ value of over $250):

4 Kobe Ribeye Filets from Snake River Farms!

A Thermapen in the color of your choice– because in frigid temps, you want to get a temp reading in lightning fast time so the heat can’t escape from your grill

A $50 Gift Certificate from my favorite Spice company- Bourbon Barrel Foods, who smokes spices in Bourbon Barrels that adds depth and flavor to everything you cook.

A bundle of Grilling Sprays from Red Bone Alley Foods– this will keep things interesting on your grill!

And, a coupon for 2 bags of Kingsford Charcoal to help keep that grill hot!

How to Win?

Leave a comment on my blog on why you deserve to win or your favorite “Colder Than….” Expression. Shares on social networks, ie, twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc are always welcome but at the very minimum you must leave a comment here.

I will announce this winner this Wednesday, March 11th. Happy {Cold Weather} Grilling! And in the meantime, my BBQ Buds Chris from Nibble Me This and Meathead from Amazing Ribs share their tips for grilling in cold weather.