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Gluten Free Grilled Dessert Pizza

Gluten Free Grilled Dessert Pizza

  • Author: Robyn



  • The directions called for mixing the ingredients for about two minutes but at about the two-minute mark, my mix resembled soft wet sand.
  • I let the mixer slowly do its thing and at about the five-minute mark, it came together like a cohesive ball of firm cookie dough.
  • My grill was set up for indirect cooking and the temperature was stable at 350F as suggested on the baking directions.  
  • I pressed the gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough between a top and bottom sheet of parchment paper and rolled it into about a 10-inch circle that resembled a cookie.  
  • The dough went onto the grill atop a piece of parchment paper to prevent it from sticking.
  • The cookie directions mentioned baking for 12-14 minutes, but I checked it at 10 minutes. The cookie had grown in size and spread to about a 14″ circle. This was quite a bit more than I had planned for but, fortunately, my pizza stone had room to spare.
  • I removed the cookie from the grill to cool while I sliced up a couple of peaches into thick wedges and got them grilling, cut-side down.  
  • The peaches grilled for about 12 minutes a side at 350F.  
  • They went on the grill very crispy and crunchy, under-ripe and, dare I say, bland.  Something magical happens when you grill peaches. I watched them caramelize and get sweeter over the direct charcoal heat.  The texture also changed from crisp to incredibly soft.  Some of the smaller pieces seemed almost spreadable.
  • Grilled peaches have a tendency to be quite sweet and I chose mascarpone cheese to balance the flavor with a slightly sour and creamy richness.  Where I live in western Montana, the wild huckleberries are ripe now and as sweet as can be.  Huckleberries have a much stronger smell and taste than a blueberry, and seem to be much juicer as well.  
  • I added about a cup of wild huckleberries to the mascarpone cheese and blended it in the stand mixer into a spread that smelled wonderful and stained purple from the berries.  I spread the mascarpone and huckleberry cheese over the top of the large cookie as a foundation.
  • Then I sliced the peaches thinly and topped the gluten-free dessert pizza so you could get a taste in every bite.  
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