Go bunless- eat your hot dog "green style", substituting lettuce for your bun.

Go bunless- eat your hot dog “green style”, substituting lettuce for your bun.

There is no recipe here per se, I just wanted to share a new way I discovered to eat hotdogs that cuts the bread out but still allows you to have a fun vehicle for toppings on your dog! Let me introduce you to romaine lettuce- a great “vehicle” for the beautiful Waygu beef hot dogs my friends at Snake Rivers Farms sent me. I love the flavor of hot dogs, but who needs all the extra calories from the bread? Not me! So I substituted a romaine lettuce leaf as the bun and didn’t miss a beat! I learned this idea from BurgerFi, a local burger joint who let’s you order your burgers “Green Style” – where you substitute your bun for lettuce. Tip: you can load your fixins like mayo and relish on the romaine, below the hotdog, so it is really sandwiched in there, and makes for less mess when eating! Do you have a fun way to eat low carb but still enjoy your favorite foods? I’d love to hear your sassy ideas!

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