Texas Pete Cha

If you like Sriracha style hot sauce, you should give Texas Pete’s “Cha” a try.

As many of you know, I’m a hot sauce fanatic, and Sriracha is one of my favorite styles of hotsauce. When I saw that Texas Pete just came out with their own version of Sriracha called “Cha”, I knew I had to try it so I hunted down their community manager to send me a bottle as it is not available yet in Florida (but would be soon I was told).

“Cha” doesn’t taste just like the Sriracha made by Huy Fong, I feel that it is a little milder, which is what I like about it. It has a slight sweetness with plenty of heat, and so far I’ve put it on everything from Pizza to eggs to salad (yes I even put hot sauce on salad because everything is a little better with heat!).

Since this has been in my fridge it has been my go-to sauce for everything, so it looks like I’ll be buying online until it is available near me to feed my addiction. If you like Sriracha, I suggest you give this a try!

Here’s some trivia for you: Did you know that Texas Pete is actually based in my home state of North Carolina? Gotta love Texas Pete.

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