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Rosemary and Lemon- my new favorite flavor combo for 2013! Even if you don’t make a spatchcocked chicken, this marinade will be good on any chicken you make!

There’s a new luxury grill company in town and they’re making “luxury more attainable at a lower entry level price point that doesn’t skimp on the bells and whistles, and most importantly quality.

Saber asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing their grill and I was more than happy to oblige. When it arrived at my house, my husband and I put it together (well, he mainly put it together and I supervised) and it took him less than an hour. It was very easy to put together, primarily in 2 main parts- the “cart” it sits on and the top grill part. Note, you will need two people to put this grill together, at least in the assembly when you must lift the actual grill which is quite heavy onto the bottom part.


This grill is totally made out of steel- there is no plastic in sight. Where as I’ve seen other grills in this price point use plastic wheels and skimp in places average users might not notice, I didn’t find any “skimping” on materials on this grill. Everything is metal, down to the wheels it rolls on.

The grill itself has built infrared burners/grates that make the grill heat very efficiently as well as offering nice char marks. It doesn’t take long at all to get to a high temp on this grill and I had no problem searing meat after only a few minutes of heating up.

One thing I really like about this grill is the grate-level temperature gages. Initially I thought these would be inaccurate and were just a cool looking feature, thinking they would automatically register the temp of the overall air temp in the grill, not at grate level. Much to my surprise, the thermometers actually do register temp at the grate level. I use different zones for cooking direct/indirect on my grill so I find this very helpful!

The infrared burners resemble built-in grill grates and come with a cleaning apparatus. I’ve used this grill about 3 time so far and think a proper cleaning will involve taking the grates off, though the average use will probably not do this very often.

I find that this grill cooks pretty evenly, heats up quickly, can sear as well as cook at low temps.

The side burner is a nice addition for cooking and

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