I can’t believe it’s that time again. I’m just recovering from the Holidays, and now I get a day to cheat on my diet and eat large amounts of finger food for the day! Here are my favorite recipes that will make for a a well fed crowd at your house. Even if your team doesn’t win, these recipes are sure to make you look like a star!

Here are my top 5 recipes, in no special order, to kick off your Superbowl:

1) Chipotle Sriracha Wings (Click to see the video on youtube)

3 types of heat-you can't go wrong with these wings!

3 types of heat-you can’t go wrong with these wings!

2) Fire Roasted Guacamole

Guacamole: it's whats for dinner.

Guacamole: it’s whats for dinner.

3) Jalapeno Poppers

jalapeno poppers on the grill, grilled jalapeno poppers

As I was snapping the photo, the fire crackled and I caught it in the shot! Jalapenos + prosciutto + havarti = heaven!

4) Grilled Jalapeno Enchilada Dip

The ultimate cheesy, spicy bite! This dip will kick your other bean dip recipe's butt!

The ultimate cheesy, spicy bite! This dip will kick your other bean dip recipe’s butt!

5) Recipes from my BBQ Brethren: “Go Orange Mini Pizzas” from the Jacked Up Grill, – customize your pizzas to your favorite team colors; BBQ Nachos from NibbleMethis.com, and PatioDaddio Queso Dip from Patiodaddiobbq.com.

mini pizzas 008

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