kingsford smokehouse briquettes

Kingsford Smokehouse Briquets- now available in mesquite and hickory flavors.

Do you use wood to add smoky flavor to the grill? Kingsford has just brought to market “smokehouse briquets”- a wood based briquet that needs no soaking- just add 4-5 briquettes to your ashed over coals for smokey flavor on the grill. A 2.8lb bag retails for $4.99 and will yield about 4-5 uses.

I've tried the mesquite on the some grilled chicken and it really does produce smoky flavor! I only used 2 briquettes and it was smoky enough. I recommend only using a few on your first cook to ensure your meat is not overpowered with smoke. I have not tried these yet on a true low and slow cook, buy cialis I believe these are more intended for grillers looking to get smoky flavor while doing a fast cook (but that is only my personal opinion).