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How to Make Preserved Meyer Lemons

  • Author: Robyn


  • 5 Meyer Lemons or more
  • 1/4 cup kosher or sea salt (or more as needed)
  • Glass Mason Jar large enough so the lemons will barely fit width-wise


Rinse the lemons well- scrub them so the skins are very clean. Next, sterilize your jar (I sterilized mine in the dishwasher on high heat setting). Cut the stem and very tip end off the lemons. Next, quarter the lemons (slice in half, then slice almost to the end but where the pieces are still attached at the end). Rub salt inside the lemon and out. Put a tablespoon of salt on the bottom of the jar and add a lemon. Repeat with more salt, and lemons until you are almost to the top. You want the salt and juice to mix so you have a very juicy mixture almost to the top of the jar. Add salt or lemon juice as necessary.

Let the jar sit out on the counter for 3 days and shake it every so often so that the salt/lemon/juice mixture is uniform.

Put in the refrigerator for the remaining time- the lemons will be ready to use after 3 weeks. When using the lemons, rinse them off before using them.

The Preserved Lemons will last up to 6 months in your fridge. If you’ve cooked with Preserved Lemons before- I’d love to hear your recipe ideas! What fun stuff have you come up with?

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